Book Review: Zero World by Jason Hough

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks review is in a word, extraordinary! Knowing that I am a sci-fi/fantasy geek, my husband bought me Hough’s series, Dire Earth, for Christmas a couple years ago and I have been a fan since. Not only are his books stellar, but he seems like a pretty cool dude as well. I mean, he helped us complete a GISHWHES item a few years ago, enough said.


Zero World is pretty much the ultimate sci-fi/spy intrigue novel hybrid. In a technologically advanced future, Peter Caswell is an assassin for hire… with a twist. After each job is complete, his mind is reset to before the job even took place, leaving him with no recollection or memories of the assassination or the events surrounding (although plenty of scars to show for it). Living in a plush apartment in Hyde Park, Caswell is not really close with anyone, living a pretty isolated life of solitude. Caswells next mission must be high priority because he is offered triple pay and four weeks vacation if he signs on. A previously thought lost spaceship has been found adrift in space, crew dead, except one. Caswell is to find and dispose the missing rouge crew member. This mission takes him through a rip in space and time to what appears to be Earths twin. With the help of a native, Melni, Caswell must make his way undetected in this world to complete his mission and along the way makes frightening and life changing discoveries about the corporation for which he works, and the universe as a whole. 

 I can’t sing the praises of this book enough. Not only was the whole concept so well thought out and interesting, but the writing was intense and the plot action packed. There was seriously not one dull moment. Everything had me tense and my mind was blown by more than one revelation throughout the course of the book. I love Hough’s attention to detail in his writing, the futuristic world he brings to the reader is so alive and believable I was almost taken aback when I set the book down and came back to my reality and realized I wasn’t inside that universe. He’s that good people. I really enjoyed how Caswell and Melnis stories intertwined and I was left absolutely wanting more at the end of the novel. I hope this is one of a planned series, I need more! 

I strongly urge you guys to hop on over to Jason Houghs website and pick yourselves up a copy (you can even snag a signed one too!) and devour this book. Who am I kidding, buy all his books, you seriously won’t be disappointed. 

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See ya next week friends!



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