Year in Review: A look back at my top 5 reads of 2017

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Another year has come and gone and a whopping 52 books were read! Check out my 2016 reading challenge: (it’s taken a beating this year!)


While I didn’t cross off everything, (I have book ADD- I start off with lists and plans and then get sidetracked with book recommendations from friends and review requests, and I veer a tad off course) I was able to accomplish the majority of the reading prompts.

*Pats self on back*


So let’s find out my favorite books of 2016 shall we? (Disclaimer: These books may or may not have actually been published in 2017- only that they are my personal top reads of the year- meaning I actually read them this past year) 

1) Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare:

Y’all know I just can’t get enough of the Shadowhunter universe and the follow up to Lady Midnight did not disappoint. With each book, Clare has a way of making the plots more intense, the heartbreak more devastating (damn you!), and the stakes much higher. At this point, I would gladly read the woman’s shopping lists with gusto, she’s that good. 

2) Roanoke Girls by Amy Engle

I have long been a fan of VC Andrews type reads (I can’t get enough of Dollanganger drama) so this one was right up my ally. It was deliciously creepy and utterly engrossing. COULD. NOT. PUT. IT DOWN. Engle has a fun writing style that can make even taboo subjects binge worthy. 

3) Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Bunmi Laditan

One word: Hilariously relatable (ok that was two). Laditan perfectly captures the fears and insecurities even the most seemingly well put together mom faces with a hysterically self deprecating fictional story. I legit laughed out loud, many times, reading this one. I had long been a fan of her (you can follow her on Twitter at @Honesttoddler) and her hilarious tweets/musings on motherhood. I will for sure be picking up anything else she publishes. 

4) The Book Jumper by Metcthild Glaser

This book spoke to my inner bookworm fantasies. The ability to actually JUMP INTO A BOOK and hang out with the characters?! Yes please! The possibilities are endless in a book jumping world, sadly I think this is a stand alone book and not one of a projected series. There were a few loose ends that may bother some readers but honestly, the whole concept behind the story was so unique, I just had to mention it in my top 5.

5) Number the Stars by Lois Lowery

This review was posted in 2018 but I actually read it in 2017 and it was the most moving and powerful book I have probably ever read. Seeing the horror that was the Holocaust through the eyes of a young child really shook me and left me thinking about myself and the world around me in a much deeper way. Even if you have read this book as a child, please do yourself a favor and revisit it as a adult. 

It was a great year of books for me in 2017 and (as always) I am super pumped to start my 2018 reading challenge. You can find a copy of my prompts for this year here!

Now whats on my radar for 2018 you say? Glad you asked!

– Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare. The final installment to the Dark Artifices, this one isn’t slated for release until December (insert sad face here) but you can bet I will have that one pre-ordered and ready to go for release day!

– Peace Talks by Jim Butcher. This one was on my list last year as one I was highly anticipating for 2017, but sadly it wasn’t released. Fingers crossed for a 2018 publication date! I need more Harry Dresden in my life! 

– Shawdowsong by S. Jae-Jones. I finished up the first in this series, Wintersong, late last year (read the review here) and really fell in love with the characters. I am excited to see what happens next with the Goblin King! 

What were some of your favorite books from this past year? What are you most excited to read in 2018?




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