Valentine’s Day Shenanigans of a Married Couple.

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Oh Valentine’s Day… the day of love.  The day every woman looks forward to.  The day I circle on my calendar counting down with anxious expectations….NOT.

I don’t do that anymore.  In fact, I’ve never done such thing, and I consider myself a pretty normal woman… well… not-so-normal, just..nevermind.

Anyway.  My point is that in our “culture” we have learned that us, women, must never be single on Valentines’s day (as if that was a sin), and must expect a bouquet of roses, and chocolate, and teddy bears from our significant others, ALWAYS.  If he doesn’t, he’s not a keeper.  


Valentine’s day is just that, a day.  Being single on any other day doesn’t kill you, why should it be different on February 14? It’s not.  Don’t believe Hollywood, or Facebook. You are beautiful in February too. 

If you happen to be in a committed relationship on this day, good for you! If your significant other is planning a load of gifts and candlelight dinner, that’s great! Enjoy it!

If you are single, use this day to remind yourself of how amazing you are and pamper yourself. Eat your favorite meal, take a bubble bath, and binge on your favorite TV show (here are some ideas). 

When hubby and I were dating (a long, long time ago), he used to go over and beyond to impress me on Valentine’s day.  Yeah, I enjoyed it, but, as our relationship grew, so did our love for each other…wow, no cliche intended. 

Since we love each other, we show our love on a daily basis, and not just in the middle of February. Over time, Valentine’s day becomes less important. We don’t need a box of chocolates to know that we are there for each other, or a romantic dinner at an overpriced restaurant after a three hour wait… maybe on our anniversary, on our terms, and not because we are told by commercialized teddy bears and candy hearts that we should show love.  

So, after so many years of marriage, Valentine’s day is a day where we cook at home, open up a bottle of good wine, and binge on our TV shows. Life is good.  

But, don’t drink too much wine or you might break your hand… that’s a story for another time.

Valentine’s day is just an over-commercialized day, like any other day, so ladies (and sensitive guys), don’t take it too hard if your loved one plays blind to the millions of ads and Facebook posts, and forgets to get you gold earrings. Instead of exchanging gifts, save up your money and take a trip! (I wish I would’ve had this mentality when I was younger) Or just look into each other’s eyes and express your love sincerely, not just on Valentines Day, but every day.  


We don’t exchange gifts on this day.  We spend time together, and recognize that cupid didn’t make it a rule to present chocolates to your loved one on a particular day.  Not just because we have been together many years…SERIOUSLY, it is NOT a rule.  Going out to dinner, or mandatorily being in a relationship on this day is NOT a rule either.  You are free to go about your day, as you would do any day.  Mind blown? you are welcome.

Feel special every day, and/or make your boo feels special every day.  Not just one day.  Every day.  That’s what Cupid really wants.  

Whats your favorite Valentine’s day story? Comment below and let us know!



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