Book Review: Under the Trees by Ashley Maker

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Dear Bookworms,

Love love love this book! 

Princess Araya has fled her kingdom of Rowlst in the dead of night in an attempt to escape the impending arranged marriage to the evil, sadistic Duke Wendel, memories of his painful and vile touch racing through her mind. Prince Thoredmund (Thor) of the neighboring (but feuding) kingdom Braythel is on hunting trip in the woods separating the two kingdoms when he encounters the fleeing princess. Intrigued by the mysterious woman he has her followed and soon learns her identity. Immediately drawn to the beautiful princess, Thor agrees to help her hide while the two devise a plan to free her from a brutal arranged marriage. In the meantime, Arayas father has demanded passage into Braythel to search for his daughter, accusing Prince Thor of kidnapping, threatening war unless she is returned. Through their time hidden away in the woods, Thor and Araya find themselves drawn to each other in a way that only complicates matters. Can these two star crossed lovers beat the odds stacked against them? Will the despicable Wendel get his hands on Araya again as he assists the search party to locate his betrothed?    

Beautiful cover art right?!

Guys, I can’t even explain how much I loved this book. I was sucked in from first page with Arayas terrifying escape through the woods and literally could not put it down until the end. This book is told in alternating perspectives from both Araya and Thor which really kept things interesting and gives the reader more insight into the thoughts and emotions of both characters.

 I really enjoyed the way the love bloomed between Araya and Thor. It was so honest and sweet I found myself sighing in contentment and felt the jitters of young love in my stomach. Araya is strong and resilient despite the many obstacles and traumas she has endured. Thor is powerful and fiercely loyal while at the same time gentle and thoughtful (major fictional character crush alert!). The action scenes at the end had my heart jumping out of my chest with anticipation. The whole book was so well written and thoughtfully paced. If you enjoy a good historical fiction with a great set of characters, a tense and intriguing plot, action packed with an incredible love story, this book is definitely for you!    

Guys, go order a copy of this TODAY, like right now!

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