Twas the Night Before School….

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(I can’t believe is back to school already!!! so, here…enjoy this classic with a tweak)

Twas the night before back to school, when all through the town,
not a child was stirring, they had all been lain down.
The bookbags were hung on their hooks with great care,
and nutritious school lunches packed in the fridge over there.


The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of recess and new friends danced in their heads.
And Dad in his sweats, and I in my yoga pants,
had just settled our brains and did a happy little dance.


When up in the bedrooms there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the couch to see what was the matter.
Right on up the stairs I flew like a flash,
tore open the door and kicked aside kid trash.


The moon on the lawn of the summer burnt grass
and a child awake in bed, with a face full of sass
she wants a book, he some water, and of course a song too
“Who do these kids think I am, do they think that I’m new?”.


With a little mom luck, being lively and quick,
I threw back on their covers with a simple old flick.
More rapid than eagles, I dashed from the room,
while Dad whistled and shouted and said with a boom:

“Now Daniel! Now Lily!
Or, Thing One and Thing Two!
All Children must listen!
It’s bedtime for the both of you!
Back on top of the bed!
And right up under the covers!
Now go to sleep! Go to sleep!
Go to sleep all!” 


As quickly as possible we dashed from their rooms,
and down the great stairs, to the living room did we zoom
exhausted and tired we fell into the couch,
with a sigh and a hump,  let our weary bodies slouch.


The summer was over and thank God for it we thought!
For all summer long they fought and they fought!
Over old toys and broken crayons, video games and the lot
better behaviors than that I thought that I’d taught. 


Too much time together in the same four walls.
So we took them on adventures to pools, libraries, and malls.
Their insatiable appetite kept the grocery bill high,
I couldn’t eat that much as an adult if I tried!


My house what a wreck! They delighted, how merry!
Let’s take out all my clothes and be the fashion queen fairy!
And my makeup was raided for dressup of course,
have you ever seen lipstick on a plastic toy horse?!
Because I have this summer, and much more to be sure,
I even found some in the carpet, ground into the floor!
She giggles and prances, without a care in the world
Singing and dancing, “Mom watch this great twirl!”


And what about that letter I received, right there in the postbox?
“Summer reading project is due soon, and you have to dress as a fox?”
A mad dash to complete and craft a costume to wear
“No I wont dye red your bleach blond locks of hair!”


But this is all in the past, we thought gratefully with a sigh.
We lay our heads back and ride the euphoric high.
I hold tight to my wine glass and pray to God that I find,
my sanity and sense, as this summer I have lost my mind. 


Once our drinks we had finished, and our shows over and done
Upstairs we tiptoed the weight of summer off our shoulders equaling a ton.
Quiet as a whisper, Dad turned to me in delight:

“Thank God school starts tomorrow, I cant wait for daylight!”

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