Travel Wanderlust: Plan, budget, pack, and go!

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You have a busy life. We get it. We do too. Traveling is not in your budget… We get it. It’s not in ours either. But excuses like “Right now it’s just not the right time to travel.” We… well… we don’t get that.

Maybe because we suffer from a condition called travel wanderlust. Travel wanderlust has no cure, and those who suffer from it have to find alternative ways to cope with the effects of this syndrome.  

Symptoms associated with travel wanderlust include: An immense desire to see other places, uncontrollable road-trip fever, constantly checking air fare and hotel websites, memberships to HomeAway and AirB&B, flashbacks of previous vacations, browsing of pictures from yours or friends vacations (and unashamedly, complete strangers), and obsessions with Google Earth, amongst others. 

Ok, ok you got me. Yes, we always have travel wanderlust, and it is not easy as being a blogger, a full time worker, a full time mom, a wife (AND everything that comes along being a mom and a wife that is not in the job description), our schedules are more than FULL. So, yes, needless to say, we are talking to YOU too.

Yes, YOU.

YOU, the single mom (dad) that has no time for herself/himself because she/he spends all her/his time caring for her/his kids and her/his job(s).  

YOU, the couple that doesn’t see each other much because you are forced to work alternative shifts (freaking child care is expensive, man!).  

YOU, young and ambitious person that just graduated college and has never taken a vacation, because, let’s be honest, college kids survive on ramen noodles and cans of tuna.  

YOU, the family with or without kids that doesn’t think traveling is important.  

I’m going to give you travel wanderlust….. 


Planning where to go is the most important and also, not so important. Let me explain.

The best trips I’ve been to have been spur of the moment trips, last minute deals (Expedia’s mystery deals are great!), or just “why not” road trips. But also, there have been times when I’ve been mad for not researching and planning for weather, holidays, or travel conditions. The devil is in the details!!  

An easy way to decide a location (or narrow it down) is to answer these series of questions: Beach or mountain (determine weather), air or car (determine transportation and accommodations), active or passive (determine the amount of activities: lots of sight seeing vs relaxation), kids or no-kids (trust me, we need breaks from our little humans too, and some places aren’t as kid friendly as others), Hotel vs B&B (depending on the amount of people per room, sometimes it’s WAY cheaper to rent an apartment. We use HomeAway or AirBnB).  Brainstorm your location, plan your destination, and start daydreaming…


Budgeting is THE hardest part of ALL. Yes, it is indeed. We are not going to lie. We travel a lot it seems like, because we save our pennies, but boy it’s hard!

SO. Saving your money when you go paycheck to paycheck is the hard part. I already said this. BUT I’m saying it again because you are going to finish reading this article and go on with your life and not actually do what I’m telling you to do, EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO DO IT.  


Make a promise to yourself that you will at least try.  

You can do this.  Budget your money little by little because you deserve it. You might not go to Paris tomorrow, but you will one day. You don’t need the latest IPhone or the latest designer handbag, you need to see the world. You can eat a home cooked meal instead of spending money at a restaurant and save yourself those dollars. Make a travel jar and actually label it “travel money”, it’s a good incentive… but don’t spend it on cigarettes or beer or candy or whatever it is that tickles your fancy!

To help budget your travel also do some research on airlines and airplane tickets.  Discount airlines like Spirit, Southwest, Allegiant and even Jetblue fly from regional airports and offer super discounted flights. Score some tickets for next to nothing if your have flexible schedules or if your are flying light on baggage. Always do your research… We will post more about this at a later time.  


Oh packing, once a nemesis of mine, conquered by a brave backpack. I’m proud to tell you that I can pack for a ten day trip in one, ONE, comfortable backpack/carry on. No more check-in your luggage for me. Well, unless you go with kids, then yes, because we have to take “the” blanket AKA cobija… the sacred, furry, and very ancient mother of all blankets, the one and only thing my child will not go without. EVER.  

I have a list of things to pack if you travel with kiddos :  LIST HERE  and if you want to learn about packing all your stuff in ONE back pack, check it out HERE


Seriously, go! What are you waiting for! You worked so hard budgeting your money, and whether it is a night at a bed and breakfast just twenty minutes from your house, or a beach, or the mountains, or another country, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that you are traveling and getting out of your routine, alone or as a family, it will make your life better. It will make you happier. How? Because when travel wanderlust kicks in, it will ignite a desire to explore the world. It will wake up you most inner desire to be human and to live, to see your planet, to love your planet.  It is so contagious, and so wonderful we want you to have it.  We want our kids to have it. We want to teach you how to do it.  


Follow us as we try to figure this out and share it with you. WE CAN DO THIS!



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