Book Review: The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

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Dear Bookworms,

The Turn of the Key is Ruth Ware’s 5th novel and once again, she doesn’t disappoint! (Check my reviews of her other four books because of course I’ve read them all!)

What is this one about?

Rowan Caine thinks she has just struck gold when she lands a prestigious live in nanny job at the luxurious Heatherbrae House in Scotland.

Everything is top of the line, equipped with the latest smart technology. Her salary is overly generous and includes a sizable bonus at the end of the year.

Rowan shrugs off her initial misgivings; the isolated location, the bull headed children, and the string of nannies that have quit recently (one not even making it a full night in the house). It doesn’t take long before strange occurrences around the house have her seriously questioning the old wives tales of a haunting.

Before a weeks end, one of Rowans charges winds up dead, Rowan herself in police custody for murder.

Ware’s voice is like no other

Ware has such a unique way of storytelling, I’ve honestly read so little like her.

This one is told in a series of letters. Rowan, in jail awaiting her trail for the death of a child under her care, attempting to detail her time as the Elincourt’s nanny in an attempt to elicit help from a lawyer.

She meticulously walks us through the entire timeline, in the first person; stumbling across the ad for a live in nanny, interviewing for the position, and her subsequent days with the children leading up to one child’s death (which of course we don’t find out who until the very end.)

The setting

The isolated location of the plot, (a mansion in the highlands of Scotland) give the story an eerie, almost supernatural feel to all the events which transpired over those few days in the home.

Doors mysterious being locked, strange sounds at night coming from the attic, the tragic history of the home coupled with the fact that the Elinourts weren’t able to keep a nanny for any length of time before they quit abruptly. There were some great twists that I DID NOT see coming that were so well written and shocking (I’ll let you read those for yourselves- no spoilers!)

The bad…

My only complaint is that when the book ended, it ENDED.

There was no wrap up and it left quite a bit to the readers imagination. I wasn’t necessarily upset at the ending but it wasn’t really what I had been expecting.

A final thought

Overall a fantastic read that will keep your mind moving a mile a minute trying to piece together all the clues!

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