Book Review: The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

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Dear Bookworms, 

To sum this book up in one word I would have to go with, meh.

The Sugar Queen is an easy read, very predictable, lighthearted with just a touch of whimsy. While it didn’t wow me, and I don’t feel like it will be winning any major literary awards anytime soon, I didn’t feel it was a complete waste of time. This is the perfect beach book, or something to take along when you go on vacation. It doesn’t require a lot of effort or thought, but entertaining enough to keep your attention. 

The book takes place in the mountains of North Carolina (shout out to the home state!) in a small ski town, Bald Slope. Josey Cirrini, 28 year old ski queen heiress lives with her disgruntled mother, jumping at her beck and call, forgoing living her own life to cater to her mothers whims and wishes. Josey’s father passed away when she was young and Josey has glittering memories of him as a doting and caring father (she later comes to realize, her fathers reputation may not have been so sterling after all, hiding more than a few skeletons). Josey has no friends, no boyfriend (although she does pine after the mailman Adam), no job. She solely exists to take care of her mother; chauffeuring her to luncheons, picking up her groceries, giving all outward appearances of an obedient daughter. Every week is the same as the last, routine and structure the norm. Until one day Della Lee Baker, a no holds bar woman from town, shows up in Josey’s closest and refuses to leave. 

The sudden appearance of Della turns Josey’s world upside down. Things are changing, Josey is changing. Through the incessant urging and nagging of Della, Josey slowly ventures outside her comfort zone, makes a new friend Chloe Finely, encounters a charismatic dangerous foe, Julian, and boldly explores her romantic feelings with Adam.  

I did enjoy how each of the characters had their own hint of magic which was very subtle, adding a kind of whimsical lightness to the story, but the story was soooo painfully predictable, I knew the ending after reading the fist three chapters. Perfect book to read while traveling or if you just want something light and easy, if you are looking for something more complex and intriguing I’d pass. 

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