Book Review: The Sister by Louise Jensen

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Dear Bookworms, 

A psychological thriller up this week! The Sister, is the debut novel from Louise Jensen and guys…..she killed it. Let’s start with a little summary shall we?

After a traumatic event sends Grace, then 9, to live with her grandparents in a small village in England, she finds a fast friend in the larger than life Charlie. Years later, reeling from Charlies death, and obsessing over the note she left before her disappearance, Grace is desperate to piece together clues as to what happened to her best friend.  

“I did something terrible Grace. I hope you can forgive me.”

On a mission to resolve loose ends in Charlies life, Grace connects with Anna who claims to be Charlies half sister. They too become fast friends, Anna filling a hole in Graces life that has been left empty for too long. But things get weird (umm hello this is a thriller people). Things go missing, Graces live in boyfriend is acting strangely, and her career slowly crumbles in front of her. Grace uncovering more questions than answers but can she figure out Charlies secret before it’s too late?


Now if that doesn’t peak your interest I don’t know what will! This book has all the intensity and intrigue you would expect with such a genre; weaving a tale that takes you down various paths of mounting questions, dead ends, and surprise revelations. I enjoyed that it alternated time periods between “then” and “now” which was the perfect mechanism to dole out bits and pieces of information over the span of the novel. Grace was a well written main character and her grief induced drinking/pill popping added that touch of uncertainty to her reliability which always keeps things interesting. You know you are reading a good thriller when you have approximately 678765 theories running at any given time (which, by the way, they all turned out to be wrong). Working in the mental health field I think I had a unique mindset when coming to terms with the ending. Without giving anything away, I did feel sympathetic to our “villain” to a large extent. Overall, everything from the quaint English town setting, to the intriguing and well paced plot, to the nerve wracking events leading up to the conclusion combined to make one heck of a read! I will most definitely be reading anything Louise Jensen comes up with next! 

Catch y’all next week!




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