Book Review: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (Book 1 of the Raven Cycle)

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read has been on my list for awhile, I’ve heard lots of good stuff about it. A fellow bookworm friend lent it to me and let me tell you, I devoured it! 


Blue Sargent lives a pretty unconventional life in the conventional small town of Henrietta, VA. Raised by a household of women psychics, Blue wasn’t born with the same gifts as her mother but she was born with the power to amplify the gifts of others. Every year on the eve of the feast of St. Mark, Blue goes with her mother to watch the dead walk the line. She never sees them herself, but serves as an amplifier to her mother who records the names of these dead who are destined to die in the next year, for paying customers. Until this year that is. This year Blue sees one boy, an Aglionby boy called Gansey. Known as Raven Boys, they are students of the prestigious prep school known to turn out politicians and powerful business men. The thing is, the only way she could have possibly seen him, according to the women in her house, is if he is her true love… or if she is to be the one to kill him. A looming prophesy told to her as long as she can remember becomes that much more real. If you kiss your true love, he will die. Gansey is on his own quest in search of the mythical Welsh king, Gwendower, with his band of Raven boys, Adam, Ronan, and Noah. The teenagers paths ultimately cross soon after the eve of St. Mark and entangle them in deadly magic, romance, mystery, and destiny. 

So let me just go ahead and say this right off the bat, go buy this book or check it out from the library…like now. This book is the perfect mix of mysticism, magic, and mystery. The characters together each bring the perfect balance to the group. I am super pumped to see where this prophecy takes us (that’s gotta suck for a highschool girl to know she can’t kiss her true love or oops, she kills him!) Along with some hints throughout the book, including some pretty intense visions the characters experience, I think I have some ideas but I honestly can’t be sure considering Maggie threw a major plot twist in there about three fourths of the way through the book ( I did NOT see that coming, my jaw literally dropped with that one!) Who knows what that crazy lady will spring on us in books 2-4?! The author does such a wonderful job of really painting a complete picture for each of the characters, as a reader you really get a sense for who they are and she gives us great information about what really drives each character. I have a feeling all these driving factors will really play a part in the larger story playing out throughout the series. The setting Maggie chose for the novel is quaint, with a hint of magic and otherworldlyness which lends itself well to the story. Overall, I was more than satisfied with this book, it has all the makings for a spectacular series! 

Ok, gotta go read the second book now! Come back next Tuesday so we can dish about book 2!




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