Book Review: The Prisoners Key by CJ Archer

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Dear Bookworms,

Book EIGHT (right?! this series has flown by for me!) of the Glass and Steele series and they just keep getting better and better!

What is this Book about?

India has only recently begun her studies of the language of magic and spells with Fabian Charbonneau when the affluent French noble is arrested and thrown into jail for failure to pay on his debts.

Having been cut off from his wealthy family’s money (they don’t approve of his move to England to pursue his knowledge of magic) he has no way to repay the debts he has accrued since his arrival. With offers from multiple friends around the city (including Matt and India) to assist with the repayment of his debts and get back on his feet, Fabian refuses with the cryptic reply that he won’t be jailed for long.

The very night that India and Matt visit him in prison, Fabian escapes and his creditor winds up dead, murdered in fact, with Fabian’s embroidered handkerchief found at the scene. With all signs pointing to Fabian as the killer, India and Matt must work quickly to clear their friends name.

My Thoughts…

Archer seems like she has the writing of these books down to science now at this point. There are heaps of mystery and intrigue, with just the right amount of romance sprinkled in.

Each book continues to be a self contained read, but building onto the series as a whole; deepening the characters and the overarching plot lines. I once again find myself swooning over Matt and India’s deep and unrelenting love for one another (insert dreamy eyes and sigh).

The side plots were also just as enjoyable and laden with tension as well. And as to be expected, Archer leaves us with a cliff hanger of an ending. What happens next?! Guess I’ll just have to hop on Amazon and get get the next in the series, The Imposers Inheritance to find out!

If you haven’t done so yet, do yourself a favor and check this series out. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!



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