The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica: A Murder Mystery that will keep you guessing.

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Dear Bookworms,

Y’all know I love a thriller and Mary Kubica always delivers and her newest, The Other Mrs. is no exception!

What is this book about?

After his sisters tragic suicide, Will and his wife Dr. Sadie Foust relocate to a small island town off the coast of Maine. They were tasked with the care of the 16 year old daughter she left behind. Although tragic, the move seems to provide a fresh start for the Foust family after an alleged affair and an issue with their oldest son in school.

But, not long after arriving on the island, a woman on their street is found brutally murdered in her home. As expected, this discovery rocks this quiet and peaceful community that hasn’t seen a murder in years.

The characters

Told in alternating perspectives between Saide, Camille (a mistress of Will’s), and a young girl named “Mouse”, there is no shortage of suspects. Imogen, the sixteen year old niece of Will and Sadie is extremely volatile. After losing her mother to suicide and having to share her home with her new guardians, she is less than thrilled, and makes her feelings very known.

Next, is the Fousts teenage son, Otto. He has a history back in Chicago which was a contributing factor to their decision to move to Maine. Although not revealed until later in the novel, it is hinted at as an aggressive/violent incident at school.

Camille, mistress of Will, is quite frankly, obsessed. She frequently stalks and spies on Will and his family. She has a cruel streak and the reader definitely gets the sense that she could be capable of murder in her quest to keep Will to herself.

Sadie is understandably shaken by the murder on her street and becomes obsessed with figuring out what happened. Her suspicions naturally lie with Imogen and Otto but she can’t shake feeling more personally connected. She has gaps in her memory, time she cannot account for, and events she has no recollection of.

The deeper she delves, the more uncertain Sadie is of anything.

My thoughts?

I was inwardly bragging to myself about three fourths of the way through the book that I had figured everything out- but man was I wrong. In comes Kubica with a twist that left me speechless! While I had sussed out quite a few major plot points, she definitely threw me for a loop with that ending.

A must read if you enjoy a good thriller/mystery, Kubica is always on my go read list of suggestions and this one might just be her best one yet!

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