Book Review: The Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse

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Dear Bookworms, 

I scored a copy of The Neverland Wars by Audrey Greathouse from YA Bound Books for an honest review. Check this beauty out! Such a captivating cover right? Well spoiler alert, the cover definitely reflects the goodies found within.

Sixteen year old Gwen Hoffman’s world is turned upside down one cool October night as her 8 year old sister goes missing from her bed. With only an open window and traces of fairy dust as clues (yes you read that right, fairy dust), Gwen shockingly discovers the world may not be quite what she thought and that perhaps it is indeed filled with the magic and wonder of her beloved bedtime stories. 

Determined to bring her sister back, Gwen embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to Neverland where she romps through the jungles, mingles with mermaids, dances with Indians, and even escapes a close encounter with a certain hostile crocodile. During her time in Neverland with none other than Peter Pan himself, Gwen learns of a war raging between Neverland and Reality. The borders of the two lands are slowly breaking down as the two sides fight to control magic and Gwen must decide which side she’s on. 

This book was such a fun read! Rich in detail, alive with imagery, and so beautifully scripted I was swept away on an adventure of my own into Neverland. Audrey perfectly captured the magic and wonderment of a classic fairy tale all the while giving it new life. It was a perfect balance of old and new. This book left me yearning for the days of carefree childhood, wishing that I too could be a lost child gallivanting in Neverland. Gwen is such a relate-able character, on the cusp of adulthood but still clinging to the remnants of childhood.

The amount of thought and detail put into creating Neverland was so enjoyable, from all the well written stories Gwen told the children, the folklore from the Indians, to my personal favorite story from the mermaid Lasiandra on how mermaids are born. The book ends on a major cliffhanger with so much tension, and I am assuming this is one of a planned series. I will most definitely be reading anything I can get my hands on by Audrey Greathouse, such a great storyteller!

I am definitely going to be purchasing my own paper copy of this one it was that good people! (Any signings happening near Charlotte, NC?! Pretty please?) 

Grab your copy of The Neverland Wars at Barnes and Noble here or Amazon here

Check out Audrey Greathouse’s website for more information on her work here and a review of the second instalmment of this series, The Pipers Price, here



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