Book Review: The Last Star by Rick Yancey

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Dear Bookworms,

So for this weeks book review I have the last installment of The 5th Wave Trilogy. *Insert fan girl squeal* I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile!


The Last Star picks up right where The Infinite Sea left off, Ringer, newly enhanced with the 12th system, has run away from Camp Haven after Teacups death while the rest of the gang (Cassie, Evan, Ben, Sam, Poundcake and Megan) are holed up in the dead Silencer, Grace’s safe house. Each side is plotting their next move. After learning that the Others have a massive air strike planned to take out all major cities in the world in four days time, the pressure is on to not only reunite with Ringer and Teacup (unaware of her death) but to also plan an attack on the mothership to blow it up before it has the chance to blow up the world.

Easy peasy right? Not quite. Of course the gang runs into all sorts of trouble, Silencers, capture, missile strikes, deception and more along the way. Will Cassie and her gang of misfits be able to stop the release of a tidal wave of bombs? Or will time run out before they are able to accomplish their mission? And who will they loose along the way? 

Overall, I think Rick Yancey really did all the characters justice in the nail biting conclusion to this trilogy. All the characters sub plots were well thought out and developed, true to their personality and identity. His writing style is so rich in detail and fluid, it was such a naturally easy and engaging read.

What I really enjoyed about this read was that everything wasn’t neatly wrapped up in a little bow and delivered to the reader. It was harsh and painful at times, but was honest and believable. Life doesn’t get wrapped up neatly in 350 pages and this novel really captured that truth. Now if you haven’t finished the series and are planning on it, SPOILERS AHEAD! Come back and read once your done and we can dish!


Ok, seriously the spoilers are coming up, you have only yourself to blame at this point. 


You’ve been warned! I’m not gonna lie and say I was thrilled that Cassie died in the end, or pretend that it wasn’t a major blow when reading the book, but I understand enough to know that it had to happen. Once she told Ringer goodbye and to take care of Sam, I knew her end game and it hit me hard.

Thanks for making me an emotional wreck Rick! (Sorry to whoever witnessed my sobs of despair and heartbreak in the bleachers at my daughters gymnastics practice) Deviating from a normal YA plot perspective, I felt it really did Cassies character justice that one of the main points of drama wasn’t a love triangle or some star crossed (literally in the case of Evan Walker) lover angle.

Sure it’s there, giving the plot some added drama and points of contention but it isn’t the focal point. There is no fairy tale romance in store at the end for Cassie and Evan (or Cassie and Ben). I enjoyed the last few chapters showing life with Marika, Ben, baby Cassie, Sam, and Megan. I was especially thrilled that Evan didn’t die a heartless, soulless “Other” but was restored, however painful that must have been. I would have hated if our last glimpse of Evan was what Vosch made him into. Overall I felt Rick did an amazing job with this trilogy and, as always, was blown away by his superb writing style and dedication to his characters. 

What did you guys think? How did you feel about the ending?



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