Book Review: The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

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Dear Bookworms, 

Holy Crapoly….this book was AH-MAZING. Everything from the writing style to the plot line kept the read interesting, well paced, and intense. 

Mia Dennett, the free spirited daughter of a high profile judge in Chicago has been kidnapped in a wild ransom plot gone awry. Whisked away at gunpoint by a dark and intriguing stranger, she finds herself in an isolated cabin in rural Minnesota, hundreds of miles from home with little to no provisions and winter rapidly approaching. 

This book is written in the first person, from three different characters perspectives. Eve Dennett, Mias mother, Gabe Hoffman, lead detective on the case, and Colin Thatcher, criminal kidnapper. The book alternates perspectives by chapters and each chapter is either based  “before” (Mia is found) or “after” (Mia is found). Although it took me a couple chapters to get into the swing of the writing style and various perspectives, it kept the read very interesting and hard to put down (oh a Colin chapter? Must keep reading!). 

What was unique about this book was the writing style, the main character about which the entire story was centered, never shared her experience in the first person (until the final chapter) but rather had all the key players perspectives. The “before” and “after” really lent itself handy to keep the story a mystery until the very end and allowed for the reader to really get a broad understanding of all the various characters and their role in the story line. Everyone is far more complex than would first meet the eye and the author dishes out some great plot twists (seriously the last chapter had me like woah). 

This book was very reminiscent of Stolen by Lucy Christopher. If you like a good mystery it will not disappoint. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and get it… now. I will even provide you with the amazon link to purchase a copy RIGHT NOW. Check out the reviews I wrote for two of her other books, Don’t You Cry & Pretty Baby

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