BOOK REVIEW: The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden

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Dear Bookworms,

I picked this book up on the insistence of the store clerk (I have zero willpower when it comes to books people) while we were vacationing in NoLa. Mia and I were perusing a local vampire shop, affectionately named Boutique du Vampyre when I stumbled upon it. The author is local so I even got a signed copy, score! 

This book takes place in present day New Orleans a couple months after a massive hurricane has ravaged the area. Sixteen year old Adele Le Moyne has returned home after a brief stint in Paris with her estranged mother while the city recovered from storm damage. Adele has lived in NoLa her entire life with her father, local artist and bar owner after her mother abandoned them and moved back to her hometown in Paris. The town Adele returns to is in shambles, her best friend isn’t returning home after the evacuation is lifted, her fathers bar is all but destroyed, the city is under mandatory curfew, and as her school is uninhabitable Adele is forced to attend Sacred Heart Preparatory School where she does not feel like she belongs. 


Adele has begun to notice strange things since returning home. Disappearances, murders, and sudden strange, ermmm, abilities have begun to manifest themselves when she is stressed or in a situation with high emotion. As if this isn’t enough drama for the young 16 year old, several newcomers to town (dashing Italian brothers and a totally hottie New Yorker) bring more questions than answers and after stumbling upon a centuries old journal of a distant relative, Adele is more than confused. 

Wrapped around an ancient legend of vampires, covens, and centuries old curses, Adele navigates her way into this new world both within the city that raised her and within herself. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I started it as soon as we came back from our trip to New Orleans with the city’s rich culture fresh in my mind. I was definitely sucked into Adeles world right from the start, envisioning the scenes as they played out in the French Quarter that I had just recently left. This story had all the elements I love in a book; mystery, superstitions, lore, and of course a good love triangle all set to a beautiful backdrop of a city. I will say I am left with tons of burning questions at the end of the book (sequel to come?!) and can’t wait to see what else Alys Arden has planned for us readers!

Click here for the link to purchase your own copy (sorry can’t promise it’ll be signed!) and let me know what you think!

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