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Dear Bookworms,

Sound the alarm. I have a new obsession. As you can probably already tell, I am a huge fan of monthly subscription boxes (Ipsy, Best Damn Book Box). I live for the monthly delivery of my makeup and new YA book/book related items. Looks like I’m going to have to add The Bookish Box to my monthly rotation too (sorry hubby, don’t murder me).

What is The Bookish Box?

The Bookish Box is a monthly, themed subscription box filled with all things bookish/fandom related. The month I opted to try out was the Harry Potter box (duh! HUGE Potterhead here!). Each month is given a specific theme and then the box is filled with 3-5 items related to said theme. Each month always contains a shirt among other items (choose your size from either the mens/womens section) and styles (fitted t-shirt or tank). If shirts aren’t your thing, you can opt out of the shirt and pay a lower price for the box. Past box themes have included Supernatural & Outlander (I hate that I missed these!) and this coming month will be Fairy Tales retold!

What’s this gonna cost me?

Boxes run &29.99 per month plus shipping. You can opt for a one time deal or pay in advance for boxes, whichever you prefer. Cancellations of subscriptions must be handled by the 20th of the month (when the new billing cycle starts) so make sure to keep up with your account if you are only planning on trying it out for a month or two. If you aren’t interested in a specific fandom being featured one month don’t fret- simply request to skip that month that way you don’t waste a  month on a theme you aren’t really psyched about. 


I was really impressed with not only the sturdy boxing but also the interior packaging of the box. Take a looksy- fun right?!


Once I pushed aside all the blue crinkle paper to the goodies within- these are the items I received:

A super soft t-shirt made by Appraising Pages (and original to the box might I add-you can’t buy it as a standalone!), a beautiful 5×7 watercolor (which I plan to feature in my library!), a Hogwarts Coffee tumbler by KnotKnirvana, a beautifully crafted necklace by RichLoveShoppe (the inscription reads “The stories we love best live in us forever”, and some Butterbeer scented bath salts from CherryPitCrafts. All the items I received were excellent quality and true to the theme. I could seriously smell the bath salts as soon as I started opening the box- and they smell divine! The retail value of all items if purchased individually is well over the $29.99 cost per box so they aren’t skimping on goodies! 

Here’s a few close ups of all the items individually!

The Bookish Box has definitely won over this book lovers heart and I will definitely be signing up for more! Check them out online at They also have a pretty cool Instagram account which keeps subscribers up to date on upcoming themes as well as sneak peeks of items! Follow along @thebookishbox 

Any other monthly subscription boxes out there that you guys would recommend? I love these little surprise gifts in the mail!  Please let us know by commenting below! 

Until next time!



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