The Birthday Girl by Melissa De La Cruz

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Dear Bookworms,

So I chose this one thinking it was going to be some cool thriller a la Mary Kubica or Ruth Ware (check those books at the bottom of this post for some AMAZING thriller reviews if that’s your jam) but this…was not that.

About this book

Ellie de Florent-Stinson is throwing herself an over the top, extravagant, 40th birthday party.

Sure her business may be failing and she is so far under in debt she is unsure if she can dig herself out this time, but it’s expected in her social circle, and damn if she doesn’t think she deserves it.

Having clawed her way up to the top from a dirty little trailer park, to the owner of her own fashion company, Ellie is just hoping to pull the night off as a success and worry about her other problems later.

But things keep going wrong, and when an unexpected visitor from her past shows up, Ellie isn’t sure she can keep her two lives separate any longer. Ellie has been keeping secrets and they all just might come to a head tonight.

My thoughts

Honestly, this one was just a tad too cheesy for me.

It was a like a high-school kid took a stab at writing a thriller. It was bland, predictable, and the ending just wrapped up far too nicely.

The stakes just weren’t set very high to be a truly engaging thriller. There were no big twists or turns, nothing shocking or heart-stopping. I found Ellie to be highly annoying and ridiculous, literally nothing about her appealed to me as a character.

Maybe the target audience is more highschool age kids? Not adults? And we all know I can get down with a YA book any day of the week- most of them have great story-lines and character building so I don’t know but I wasn’t really feeling it.

While this one wasn’t for me- if you enjoy a very watered down thriller/suspense- this may be for you haha

Until next week!



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