Book Review: The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

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Dear Bookworm,

Historical fiction for the win! There is something just really gratifying reading about truly kick ass women in history. Much like Girl in Disguise by Greer Maccalister, this one is filled with action, phenomenal female characters rooted in history, and superb writing and storytelling by the author.

What this book is all about

Told in alternating perspectives from two periods, The Alice Network tells the tale of two women, Eve Gardnier recruited for the female spy network The Alice Network in 1917 during WW1 and Charlie St. Clair, pregnant, unwed disgraced socialite searching for her missing cousin in post WWII’s 1947. Eve’s story follows her through recruitment, training, and her spy post in German occupied France all managed by the illusive and revered “Lilli”.

The plot

In 1947, Charlie St. Clair finds herself being whisked off to Switzerland by her mother to “take care of” a rather unfortunate and embarrassing pregnancy. Charlie is haunted by the suicide of her brother after returning from combat in WWII and the disappearance of her beloved cousin, Rose, during the war. The trails and leads she has followed up on have all run cold and she has one last spark of hope, the name of Eve Gardnier that she stumbled across in her digging.

Fleeing from her mother with nothing more than a small suitcase and some cash, Charlie finds Eve and so the two embark on a whirlwind adventure to not only track down Charlies lost cousin, but find closure on past demons from Eve’s days as a spy.

Did I like it?

Honestly this one was a top 10 read for me this year! These two women’s lives were so artfully woven together in a way that was truly enthralling to watch unfold.

I enjoyed the chapters from the past the most, chronicling Eves journey into the spy network and her subsequent work in France undercover. Quinn managed to elicit such tension, I was wound up the entire time with anxiety! (In only the best way!) The character development, for both women, was so well done and appropriate.

Even having vastly different upbringings, in different time periods, each woman found the other at such a crucial point in their lives. Eve and Charlie both underwent quite the transformation. There was a little bit of everything in this one- action, history, romance, danger, and intrigue.

A must read from me!

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