Part One: Kids are weird

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It’s no shocker that kids are weird, like really weird. As a seasoned mom of two (9 and 5), sometimes even I’m slightly stupefied by the odd, off the wall, embarrassing, and downright creepy things they say. I decided a couple weeks ago to keep a running list of all the strange things I have heard. So in no particular order, here’s what I’ve got:

 They look son nice and harmless.....just wait....
They look son nice and harmless…..just wait….

– “I wanna lick your face, it looks like it tastes like nachos”

– “When I die and go to heaven, I want to be a dog”

– “I bet being an adult feels goofy…and loud.”

– “I want my name to be hopscotch burp. I don’t want to be “Lily”. *laughs mischievously* Just kidding, that’s a silly name. Just call me hopscotch…”

– (Watching Say Yes to the Dress) “Wow she looks like a Princess! But how in the world is she gonna poop in that thing?!”

– (While snuggling on the couch watching TV) “Ewwww you’re so freckle-y. I can feel it on my feet.” (I’m pretty sure she was referring to my leg hair on that one…)

– *Points to wedding picture on mantel* “There’s a picture of you so when you be old and dead I can remember you”

– (To the elderly man checking us out at Target) “Why do you have such long hair growing out of your ears?”

-Conversation overheard in the backseat:

Kid 1: I’m gonna go to college for fashion

Kid 2: When we are in college we’ll  be like normal adults

Kid 1: Cool, so we could drive places by ourselves and go to Monkey Joes whenever we want


Check back regularly because I am sure I’ll have more off the wall things to share with you soon! Moms, what are some of the crazy things you’ve heard from your kids? 

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0 thoughts on “Part One: Kids are weird

  1. They get that from their mother, would you like me to share some of your ‘weirdness’ when you were the same age?? Love you bunches, your mother, their grand mother 🙂

    1. Oh snap, I TAKE IT ALL BACK- my children are perfect little angels who are neeeeever weird and creepy- just like me at their age! Whew…close call….


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