Storm Front by Jim Butcher- An electrifying supernatural mystery that you must read

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Dear Bookworms,

It is my pleasure to introduce you all to one of my all time favorite book series, The Dresden Files. As a total of 16 in the series (and counting!), it is a series with endless possibilities, fantastic characters, and such a well built and developed world it’s impossible to think it isn’t real.

What is this book about?

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is one of a kind (quite literally) as he’s the only self advertised wizard for hire in Chicago. One of his most reliable gigs is as a consultant for the Chicago PD. That’s when they come across a crime that just doesn’t make sense.

The newest case is of a gruesome double murder involving a mob boss’ right hand man and his, well…female companion. With no rational reason how or why they had their hearts explode from in the inside out, Harry knows some foul magic is afoot. In the search for the dark magician who is wrecking havoc across the city, Harry may have just made a new enemy (or two) of some very powerful people.

Let me tell you…

I cannot even begin to capture all the things I love about this book/series but I am going to try!

Harry. What a honest to god lovable character. He is brave, head strong, reckless at times, honest, and a damn good magician. The fact that he is an outsider within the magical community only adds to his charm and appeal for me. His wit, charisma, and ability to engage in a little self deprecation make for an amazing MC.

Bob. God I love Bob. The knowledge spirit housed in a skull in Harry’s lab provides hilarious comedic relief and makes for an excellent side kick. His proclivities for a good looking woman and smutty reading materials provides a good laugh.

Karrin Murphy, Lieutenant of the Special Investigations unit (R.E. explainable/supernatural) is both friend and contractor of Dresdens services. She is a tough as nails, no nonsense character who is fiercely proud and protective of her citizens. She lets no one stop her from doing her job, and has no problem going toe to toe with Dresden when she feels like he isn’t telling her everything. I would never want to make an enemy out of her and for sure would have her on my team!

You would love this book

This book/series has literally something for everyone. You like action? This book has it. Supernatural spookies? Yup! A mystery to keep you guessing? 100%. Need a little love/romance in your life? Look no further.

If you need a fresh binge, with 16 books currently published, this series will keep you occupied for some time. But we warned, once you finish you will have a hard time getting back to the real world, this is one you will want to loose yourself in time and time again.

Tell me if you liked it!! Leave me a comment down below.

Till next time!


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