Book Review: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

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Dear Bookworms,

I ordered this trilogy awhile back on whim. I ran across this series while trolling online, probably Instagram or Pinterest, thought the covers looked neat, and bought the set (impulsive bookworm, I know). Man, I am so glad I did though, if book one is any indication of how the series will play out, its going to be fantastic


The land of Ravka is ravaged by war, split in half by the deadly “Fold” filled with darkness and blood thirsty creatures. A group of powerful (in more ways than one) individuals serve under the king, gifted with various talents and attributes (ability to summon and manipulate fire, wind, water, the ability to heal and kill, etc) called Grisha. Children are tested for abilities that signify them as Grisha from a young age, and subsequently sent to Os Alta to be trained and put to use for the king. Privileged and esteemed members of society. Alina Starkov grew up an orphan, taken in by a Duke with a big heart who ran an orphanage, she was always a mousy little girl who no one really bothered to remember, nothing special. With only her best friend Mal by her side, she didn’t really need much, content with her life and the comfort of her best friend. Fast forward some years and Alina is now a mapmaker, serving the king in the First Army alongside Mal, who has grown to be the most talented tracker in the Army (and not so hard on the eyes either). After a deadly trip into the Fold, Alina has discovered a power inside of herself that she never knew was there, a power that takes her on a whirlwind trip to Os Alta, away from Mal, into the Grisha World. Here she must hone her powers under the guidance of The Darkling, the most powerful Grisha of all (also not so bad looking- see where I’m going with this?), while trying to determine her place within this new world, who is on her side, and who isn’t. Can she shoulder the responsibility thrust upon her to destroy the Fold with her newly awakened powers?

I seriously loved this book. Not only does Leigh create an insanely imaginative fictional world in Ravka but the plot line is stellar. There was never a dull moment, no filler or fluff here. Every single thing she writes sets the reader up for the storyline, small details weaving themselves back into the story. The attention to detail in her writing really brings to life her literary world, from the decadent architecture and lavishness of Os Alta, to the bleak darkness of the Fold, she captures the readers imagination from page one.  Alinas character development is very well paced and appropriate as she journeys through her training in Os Alta. I really liked her spark of rebellion and sass coupled with her humility and uncertainty. The Darkling is such an interesting character,  he’s probably the one I’m looking forward to the most when I pick up the second book (like, as soon as I finish writing this review). Mal is so loveable and brave. The evolution of his relationship with Alina was exciting and endearing to watch unfold and develop more. Full of suspense, action, and thrills this is a book you can’t put down!

Have you all read this series yet? If not, I’ll leave you to it! Come back and lets dish!


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