Book Review: Serenity by India R. Adams

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Dear Bookworms, 

This weeks book is an author requested review. I was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

I previously reviewed, and really enjoyed the book My Wolf and Me by India R. Adams, and was pretty stoked when she reached out via Good Reads to read a couple of her other books.

Serenity is a 16 year old Texan growing up in an abusive, dysfunctional home. A drunk for a mother and a violently abusive man as a father, Serenity finds solace in her “Crew” and the hooded woman who visits her dreams. Serenity has always been more in touch with the spiritual world than your average teenager and has the ability to sense auras and read peoples energies. Her tight knit group of friends expands when she is introduced to Derek. The two have an immediate inseparable bond, that seems to defy the laws of logic. As their relationship deepens, Serenity is confronted with her living situation, and the darkness that seems to loom in her depressing upbringing may be something much more sinister and insidious than just alcoholism and violence. 

Overall, this book had great bones. The story line is interesting (if not entirely unique) but at times tends to drag. I feel this book would have been best served not quite as long (or broken up into two books with more development of the characters). At times, the relationships and emotions between characters seemed over the top and very unbelievable, almost hokey. As the story progressed and the reader gains more understanding of the unique backstory of the characters, it becomes more believable and genuine, I just wish we could have been clued into these unique pairings in a more natural, better fleshed out pace. (Or at least have others around the main characters recognize that the relationships were odd.) The characters were all likable, even if they were slightly cliched. I think my favorite was Sky with her spunk and sass. I was not feeling the big reveal of the real identity of the cloaked woman from Serenity’s dreams. That just seemed really random to me? I wish she had been worked into the story line more from the beginning being that she (seems like?) plays such a monumental role in the direction of the series. 

I understand this is one of a series and despite some of my issues with the writing, am interested to see where Serenity’s story takes us readers. Like I said, the book has great bones, and I hope India can deliver a smashing follow up. 

That’s all for this week friends, see ya next Tuesday!

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