BOOK REVIEW: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles #2)

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On to the next installment of The Lunar Chronicles, Scarlet.

The second book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer introduces us to several more key players in the series (one of which is my favorite, seriously I love this guy) and also some major revelations about Cinders backstory. The book opens with Scarlet, red headed, hot tempered young woman from France who lives and works with her grandmother on a family run farm. Well, she did live with her grandmother, until her grandmother mysteriously disappeared weeks ago. Police have since given up hope and declared the missing persons case closed.

Scarlet refuses to accept that her grandmother would run off and leave her and is determined to find her at any cost. As she attempts to hunt down clues, her estranged father shows up at the farm having obviously been tortured, babbling about finding something very precious her grandmother had hidden, and how he has been tasked to find it. She also has a run-in with a mysterious new guy in town who goes by Wolf (imagine that?!).

Wolf is a street fighter, ruthless and predatory, but Scarlet senses there is more to him than meets the eye. With the help of Wolf, Scarlet follows a string of clues to Paris where she does find her grandmother, but also a whole lotta trouble and heartache. Meanwhile, Cinder, with the help of the dashing, charismatic, good-natured, Carswell Thorne (wait how’d you guess? He is  my favorite), break out of prison, commander a spacecraft, become international fugitives, battle a terrifying group of lunar lupine hybrids, and eventually make their way to Paris where our heroines stories unite.

Our growing band of fugitives barely escape capture and death as Levena wages war on Earth with her army of hybrid Lunars. Safety aboard their stolen spacecraft, the Rampion (clever name- you bookworms will understand) the team begins outlining rudimentary plans.

Cinder must learn to train with her newly discovered lunar gift as well as learn defense tactics from Wolf, find Dr. Erland, learn as much as they can about the enemy, and ultimately make their stand against Levena. T

his book does not disappoint people. I loved the alternating storylines between Cinder and Scarlet until the two finally come together in Paris.

The new characters are well written and instantly likable for their various different personalities, and their stories blend seamlessly together. I seriously can’t get enough of Thornes carefree nonchalance, the guy could be staring down the barrel of a gun and still be flashing a million dollar smile. Cinders backstory is revealed in a well paced manner that felt very natural to the story progression. Another win in my book for Meyer, can’t wait to see what she has in store for us in the third installment of series, Cress!   

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