A small paradise in Roatan Island, Honduras.

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When we pay attention to the news, there are a few places that are basically not recommended for tourists to visit, especially those countries that are unfortunately ridden by violence and poverty.

Honduras comes to mind as one country I’ve heard to be very dangerous due to gangs and violence. Nonetheless, I visited a small island just off the coast of Honduras.

Roatan Island sits about 40 miles off the coast of Honduras, and it’s the largest Honduran island. It is perfectly safe for tourist to come to this wonderful paradise. The island is only 48 miles long and , according to our tour guide, there are only about 50,000 people living in the island. Their official second language is English and their currency is the American dollar. So, needless to say, it was an easy destination to navigate.

There are many wonderful things to do and discover in Roatan. From breathtaking coral reefs, to a wide variety of wild life and nature walks. You can choose, sea or land, you won’t regret it.

Obviously, I chose to do both (The explorer in me was very happy).


It is recommended that you take one of the many tours offered in the island. Regardless how you get there, cruise, small boat or plane (they have a small international airport) you should check with your resort or cruise office to arrange a tour. Roatan is booming with ecotourism and most resorts on the island are veered to cater to this booming industry. So, don’t expect to see a luxury hotel in the area. The resorts are very beautiful and comfortable, but they are relaxed and eco-friendly… nothing like your average chain hotel.

I visited the resort of Fantasy Island. This resort is located on a private beach and it offers a marina, kayaking, and snorkeling. They also have a small nature walk in which you can see peacocks, rare iguanas, native rabbits, and Capuchin monkeys.


 Gorgeous private beaches.
Gorgeous private beaches

After a nature walk, you may relax on the gorgeous white sand beaches or take swim in the amazing turquoise waters. If you are looking for a paradise, you’ve found it. Since this island is not so popular (yet), it makes it easy to find secluded beaches and relaxation nirvana. I mean, being on vacation is all about relaxing, right?


But, if you are all about adventure, relax! (no pun intended)…this island has to offer not only amazing views and private beaches, but the largest coral reef in the Caribbean! Yes, the largest. So don’t even hesitate to try scuba diving or just simply snorkeling. Depending on weather conditions and tides, there is a shipwreck that can be explored by doing these activities. How cool is that?

Roatan Island is rapidly becoming a popular spot for cruise ships and international travelers seeking a wonderful, relaxed time. Is is a place for retreating from technology and our hectic lives. You won’t have a huge selection of nightlife or similar attractions. There are shops and restaurants just outside the ship port for tourists that are visiting for a day. Consider Roatan Island next time you want to escape from reality. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other popular resort spots.

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