Book Review: Red: The Untold Story by Angela Hudson

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This weeks book for review was given to me by YA Bound Tours in exchange for an honest review.  

April Redwood, or Red as she’s known, is struggling with the realization that she is not a full blooded wolf, merely a half breed who will never change and run with her pack under the light of the moon. In an effort to restore her sense of self and a place within her pack, she places herself as a contender in the Selection. Taking place once every 20 year, the Selection is the time that the packs leader, the alpha Luther, takes a new bride. Red wins her place as the new bride of the Alpha but quickly comes to realize strange things are happening at the mansion. Why does Luther take a new wife every 20 years, exactly? Saying goodbye to her old life is harder than she imagined, especially leaving behind her new found human friend Alex. As Red begins to piece together the secrets of the Alpha, she realizes she must take action if she is to make it out alive. 

I was really excited when I read the premise of this book, I have always liked a good fairytale retelling but the more I got into it, this book seemed like a weird mashup of a fairytale retelling and a YA contemporary. The whole Selection process seemed super gross to me, being that the girls were in highschool, years younger than 18, and Luther is literally centuries old. Parents offering up their young, underage girls to the pack leader? Creeeeepy. (And for a hefty sum of money I might add, isn’t that like…. prostitution?) Looking past the creepy factor, I could get down with the story of Red navigating life at the mansion and figuring out all the well kept secrets and goings-on of the Alpha. That whole plot line was well written and interesting to me. I really liked Red’s character as well, she was fiery and rebellious which I enjoyed and thought played well into the larger plot with Luther. The whole Alex story-line was confusing to me though. They seemed like two different stories mashed up together. Hudson would have done better to stick with the wolf storyline and end it there. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the storyline with Red and Alex but like I said, they felt like two disconnected stories to me, not belonging in the same book. Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this one, the writing was on point and the characters were all fantastic, I just wasn’t digging the two disjointed plot lines. Unfortunately I would pass on this one guys. Oh well, ya win some ya lose some!

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