One Year Blogiversary

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Can you guys believe it’s been a year?! 52 weeks?! 365 days?! (Wait, was last year a leap year? 356? I dunno, but you get the idea, one trip around the sun!)

Our first year blogging was a big learning experience. And by that, I mean that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing but we just kind of went with it.  

We shared weekly book reviews, tried out new recipes and shared some of our own. We brought you around the world with us as we backpacked in Europe, played das boot at Oktoberfest in Georgia, and traversed the hills of Pigeon Forge, TN. We gave you a glimpse into our crazy lives and we hope you enjoyed it.

Taking what we have learned over this past year, we are going to be making some changes. Now don’t get your panties all in a wad here people, you will still be privy to some awesome book reviews, travel fun, and general life craziness (whew, see…I told you it wouldn’t be that bad). So whats changing then? 

Dun dun dun


Now as much as we like the name RealLifary, we found that it was not so user friendly. When talking about, and discussing our blog with others we received mixed reviews. “Oh, you blog about….real fairies?” You can see where this would pose a problem yes?

Our original intent was to have this blog become our Real Life Diary… get it? RealLifary? Makes sense to us, but confusing to others (kinda the story of my life). 

We have agonized and brainstormed until there were no more brain cells left to storm with, and we think we have agreed on something that we love.

Something clean and all encompassing.

Something fun. 

Something that captures our blog perfectly. 

Ekkkkkk, so excited!

Wait, you wanna know what it is? Gosh you’re needy.

Without further ado….. This is Us: (haha you see what I did there…incorporated the name of my new fav show into the teaser)

This is us now… So come back soon and continue to explore with us! we have amazing book recommendations and reviews coming up, as well as cool travel destinations that you will love!


Coco & Mia. 


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