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I am a huge fan of Netflix, enough so that recently hubby and I decided to cancel cable *gasp* and use Netlix (and Hulu) exclusively for our TV viewing. 

Are you stuck in a rut and need a new show to binge on? Have no fear! Pop that popcorn and grab you a cold one because I have complied a list of my top 10 TV shows to binge on!

1) Supernatural: Into fantasy/horror/legends/lore? Oh and also really hot brothers? With 10 seasons on Netflix (and just renewed on the CW for the 12th season) you have binge worthy material for weeks, months even! In a nutshell you have two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester cruising the country in a ’67 Chevy Impala fighting all things that go bump in the night (and looking dang fine when they do it).

2) New Girl: Everyone loves a good sitcom. Zooey Deschanel is too cute in this comedy about a group of 30 something’s housemates navigating life, love, and careers. Episodes are 30 minutes in length and there are four seasons currently up. This show literally has me rolling it’s so hilarious, all the characters are great. 

3) Orange is the New Black: If you haven’t heard of this one you have probably been living under a rock for the past 2 years. A Netflix original with three seasons currently out, this has been a smash hit as far as shows go. Loosely based on the memoir of Piper Kerman, prim and proper main character Piper Chapman has been remanded to prison for a term of three years. Watching her acclimate and adapt to life on the inside is a good mixture of hilarious and heartbreaking. What really makes this show are the supporting cast members. Pipers fellow prison inmates are so well written and their story lines addicting. 

4) Gilmore Girls: Mother/daughter duo hilarity ensues through each hour long episode. Single mom, Loreli Gilmore and daughter, Rorie Gilmore have such great onscreen chemistry you can’t help but fall in love with them and the small town in which they reside, Stars Hollow. All seven seasons are available on Netlix and the best part? Netflix revival is in the works with new material being released later this year (binge and blog to come when released!).

5) Jessica Jones:  A great Netflix original done by Marvel about superhero (I’m pretty sure she would hate that title) Jessica Jones (imagine that). Jones is a whisky drinking PI with superhuman strength and hard as nails attitude. There is only one season available now (bummer I know) but I’m pumped to see what next season has in store. Season 1 is a cat and mouse game between Jessica and her fellow super powered nemesis Kilgrave who is able to control others through verbal commands who is strangely obsessed with Jessica since she escaped his mind control previously. 

6) Breaking Bad: Chemistry teacher turned meth maker Walter White kills it in this five season long drama which originally aired on A&E. Watching his downward spiral from clean cut family man to drug producing mastermind is fascinating to say the least. My favorite part of the show hands down is his bumbling sidekick, Jessie.

7) Daredevil: Another Netflix original done by Marvel which revolves around Matthew Murdock, small time attorney by day, ass kicking superhero Daredevil by night. Oh and did I mention he’s BLIND? Blinded in a horrible accident as a child, Murdock has come to work around his “disability” to be one bass ass superhero. Righting the wrongs across the city. Being that it’s in the same Marvel universe as Jessica Jones, I see some crossovers in store for us (squeal!).

8) American Horror Story: Whats really neat (if you can call horror and gore neat) about this series is that while all 4 seasons consists of (roughly) the same cast of actors, the story lines change from season to season. A haunted house,  an insane asylum in the 40’s, a coven of witches in New Orleans, and a traveling circus/freak show in the 50’s. Season five which hasn’t been released yet was my favorite so far alternating time periods in a haunted hotel. (Lady Gaga nailed it in her TV debut!). It should be available in October 2016.

9) The X-Files: So I recently discovered X-Files was now on Netflix and I have been on a binge ever since. It takes me back to 3rd grade when my mom would make nachos and we would stay up late to watch in her room (parenting win or fail? I say win but I’m partial). FBI agents Mulder and Scully travel the country investigating paranormal and extraterrestrial events, events that seem to defy all logic and explanation. With a whopping 9 seasons, this binge could last awhile so stock up on goodies!

10) iZombie: This is a new one for me that I am not finished with as of yet, but Mia raves about this show. I had seen commercials on TV (back in my cable watching days) and written it off as a cheesy way to cash in on the zombie craze. Mia finally convinced me to give it a try and I am so glad I did. Liv Moore was on her way to a prestigious career as an MD when an impulsive night out with colleagues just so happened to be the night she was turned into a zombie. No shambling, moaning creatures here, more like a normal (if pale) chick with a intense desire to eat brains. Quitting her job as MD and working for the hospital morgue she has access to all the brains she needs to satisfy her cravings but with one interesting side effect, she temporarily gains personalities of the dead, as well as flashes of their memories. I’m only a couple episodes in, but if the rest of the season keeps on pace with the first few, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed!

So that pretty much wraps up my top 10- what do you guys love to binge on? Any good shows/movies I should add to my list?!  


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