My First Cruise- Preparation Stage

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So, we are going on a cruise! Yay! And as exciting as that sounds, for someone like me, it is also scary.  


This is going to be my very first cruise, because after watching Titanic as a child, I’ve tried my hardest to stay away from boats, and deep ocean waters. I guess there’s always a time in your life when you must face your biggest fears, and just do it… and when your hubby books a trip and says “We are going” in a very manly voice, you kind of have to.

So here are my fears: Besides the obvious anxiety that deep water produces, I’m also afraid of being terribly seasick (add this sinus infection crap I have going on), falling off the boat, my child falling off the boat, getting lost without use of my cellphone (#FirstWorldProblems), being forced to speak to strangers, getting roasted by the sun (this girl will burn!, I mean, I think I might be part vampire), missing the embarkation time at one of the ports, losing important documents, and of course, drowning or getting eaten by a shark while attempting to snorkel.  

There. You can stop laughing now.

So, needless to say, I’ve been terribly anxious this week as we prepare ourselves for this adventure. I mean, I’ve never been to that side of the Caribbean Islands before (Bahamas, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turks). I’ve been looking at pictures online and, well, they look amazing. So yeah, I’m excited about it….however, still nervous.

To ease my anxieties, I’ve been focusing on the positive things about this trip.  Like, the beautiful weather, poster-worthy beaches, and the smile on my child’s face when she sees all these things. I guess I’m underestimating the fun stuff… I bought the alcohol package as well, so that will help (wink wink).

It is also my daughter’s seventh birthday while we are cruising. *AHHHH I CANT BELIEVE SHE”S SO BIG!* So she thinks this trip is mainly for her birthday, yeah, we’re letting her believe that…why not.

I got sunscreen, dramamine, sunglasses, and a big ass hat ready! 

Now, I must decide what to pack…. This is going to take a while…. 

I need some wine.


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