Moving is a B (and I DON’T mean a breeze)

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Let me get you guys up to speed. So recently hubby and I have decided we needed to say goodbye to our starter home of 7 years and look for something a little larger in a neighboring county with lower taxes (just typing that sentence made me feel suuuuper old- taxes?! Since when do I care about taxes?! I turn 30 and suddenly I’m my mother. But I digress).  My wonderfully gracious Mia offered up her home to us while we transition between selling our house and buying another (and honestly I’m having a blast over here- I may never leave!) 

I have complied this short list of things to remember or take into consideration when/if you decide to move:

1) When you reserve your U-Haul, POD, moving truck, or in our case Pack Rat, plan on filling at least double what you expect. We made the mistake of thinking “oh sure all our crap that we have amassed over seven years with two children will surely fit into this 16×12 pack rat- no problem.”  And wouldn’t you know, *gasp* it didn’t and we had to scramble to reserve another. (And we still had to store some things in Mia’s garage) 

2) Start collecting boxes ASAP. Our house was under contact in 24 hours and we needed boxes quickly.  Take a look on your local yardsale sites on facebook. (Many housing communities or towns have their own designated facebook page strictly for people wanting to buy and sell unused items- a virtual yardsale if you will). Also check out the app OfferUp– same kind of deal. I put up an ad in need of boxes and was able to score quite a few this way. If you (or someone you know) works in a business setting, the boxes that copier paper are delivered in are really great for packing as well. I was able to snag tons from work. Check local store like the ABC store, Lowes, and Home Depot (usually in the AM is better when they are restocking selves). They are usually more than happy to have them taken off their hands.

3) PURGE! I purged. A lot. I probably could have filled an entire third PackRat with all the items I purged while packing. If you haven’t used it in a year- GET RID OF IT. You don’t need it. I have a tendency to hoard things, I know this one can be hard, but there was no need to keep the 2358 crayons in the art drawer that were broken  into pieces barely able to be grasped by my five year old. I sorted all my purge items into things I could sell (remember that yardsale website & OfferUp?!), things to donate, and things for the trash. This was also a great opportunity to (finally) go through the kids toys/clothes and get rid of stuff they no longer played with, was broken, or didn’t fit. 


4) Line up a babysitter if you have kids. This one I am adding in retrospect because we didn’t really think about this one too much. We are lucky enough to live near my mom who helps us out enormously with our kids. She watches them on weekends when hubby and I have a date night or when we take a trip to get away, her support is invaluable. Because of the timing of the PackRat being delivered (it was a busy weekend with a birthday party for the kids to attend) it was difficult to arrange to have my mom help out, and we really don’t have many other people we trust with our kids (Mia was already roped into helping us load the PackRat). Just try and imagine heavy furniture coming down the stairs, children running around grabbing toys out of boxes, or “helping” by loading up boxes. It was chaos. I finally had to corral them into the backyard with some bubbles and chalk under strict orders not to come inside. This worked pretty well, but I would still suggest getting a sitter lined up and saving yourself the inevitable meltdown (and I did mean grown up meltdown- the kids didn’t bat an eyelash at the mayhem).

Do you guys have any great tips/tricks to share for moving? What suggestions do you have from your last move?


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