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There are many ways to say “I’m happy”.  In fact, when you look at a stranger most of the time you’re able to tell whether or not they are happy in general.  A smile, a gesture, an attitude can tell you, if you pay close attention, if the “energy” coming out of the person in front of you is positive or negative.  -Or maybe it is just me who can tell-.  I don’t know.  But what I do know is how to spark the happy flame in my life.  I travel.

Most of the things that apply to my life, can be apply to many of you. I mean, I’m only human (I think).  So let me tell you a secret.  Never hesitate to go places.  

But don’t get me wrong! I’m totally aware that physical travel is almost impossible, for whatever reason, for many people.  Money, time, work, lack of motivation, lack of transportation, lack of knowledge.  If this is the case, I promise you, you can still do it (in a way)… just pick up a book and read.   

When I was younger, and unable to travel on my own due to financial and transportation issues, I read, a lot, and I transported myself to different places, different times, and different worlds.  I learned new cultures (real or made-believe), and even how to cook.  Your mind will take you there, when you grab the right book.  So no excuses here.  When I talk about travel, everyone can do it.

Now, I you might wonder how can traveling make you happy?  Let me break it down for you:

1. It keeps your mind occupied.  

Whether is reading or exploring a new city, it will keep your mind away from things that can potentially make you sick.  When you worry too much about unnecessary troubles, your digestive, circulatory, and nervous system suffer causing you to feel sick.  Scratch the worrisome thoughts, and you get a healthier mind and body.  

2. It can teach you to manage your finances.

When you eventually save up enough money to go on a weekend trip, or a dream vacation, you’ll realize that you want to do this again.  If you saved up for a while to take your trip, the eagerness to see new places will make you want to save up  even more for the next adventure, and this can in turn teach you how to find ways to be better at managing your money.  (another secret: a minimalist way of life, with less material things means more money to see the world!).


3. It’ll let you discover new life lessons.

The experiences you learn,the things you see, and hear, and taste, and touch, and photograph, the stories you read about… all will fuel your soul with life lessons you could’ve never learned otherwise.  It will also alter your mood.  The more you travel, the better your mood will be.  Stop being cranky and get on a plane!

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you go twenty minutes down the road to a park you’ve never been to, or ten hours on a plane to the other side of the world.  The point is that experiencing new things, and new places will open up your mind to endless possibilities.  Believe me.  Go see your city, go explore your state, go explore the world!




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