Book Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

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Dear Bookworms,

Cassandra Clare is back with an all new Shadowhunter book! Can you feel my excitement buzzing through the screen? 

 I adore all the covers to her books and this one is no different!
I adore all the covers to her books and this one is no different!

This first book of a planned series introduces us to a whole new set of characters at the LA Institution. Remember Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn from City of Heavenly Fire? Well they’re back, five years after the Dark War. Having been made parabatai, Julian and Emma are inseparable, with more weight on their shoulders than any 17 year old has a right to bear, but then again they are Nephlium. Emma is consumed with finding the real murderer of her parents and Julian is trying to keep his family together, the oldest of his brothers and sisters (not counting his half-Fey brother and sister who are with The Wild Hunt and banished to an icecap respectively). When dead bodies start piling up in LA, bodies (with the same mysterious markings as Emma’s parents when their bodies were found), Emma gets sucked into a tangled web of murder, deceit, and black magic. With the help of Julian, can Emma figure out who is behind the attacks? And avenge her parents deaths?

Oh. My. God. This book gave me life people! My heart was singing to be back in the Shadowhunter world again! Clare misses nothing in her elaborate and meticulously planned plot lines. I adored the appearance of some of our past Shadowhunter favs including Clary, Jace, Tessa, Jem, and Magnus; and I’ve fallen in love with each and every new character, main or supporting, they are all fabulously crafted! All the elements we come to love from Clare are here, she leaves nothing out. Fierce and quirky characters, intense and nail biting battles, and complex and conflicted relationships. I don’t want to give away any spoilers here but dang it if I didn’t tear up at the last scene between Julian and Emma….WHY CLARE?! Why do you torment me so?! The next book (hell the rest of the series) can’t come fast enough. I already feel a huge bookhangover coming on…. 

Who’s read this book and can fangirl with me for a minute?   




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