Book Review: Jackaby by William Ritter

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Dear Bookwoms,


I have found a new favorite series! I repeat. I have found a new favorite series!


Dreaming of a life filled with adventure, Abigail Rook takes off from her boarding school in London, and hops a boat to New Fiddleham, USA (with a few adventures in between).

With nothing but the clothes on her back and a flimsy suitcase of ill suited clothes, Abigail needs to find work, and fast. While out inquiring at local shops, she stumbles upon an ad for an assistant to one Mr. R.F. Jackaby, who as it turns out, is an investigator of all things supernatural.

Jackby is a peculiar character with a penchant for the strange, and hires Abigail on a trail basis. The two immediately begin an investigation of a murdered newspaper columnist who Jackaby is convinced was killed by a sinister supernatural being. Navigating her new life in New Fiddleham is hard enough, but the world in which Abigail is thrust into is wrought with danger, and if she isn’t careful, it might just wind up killing her.

Why did I like it?

Ok, so imagine a Sherlock Holmes but for supernatural crimes. Jackaby is hilarious (not comical) and his pure oblivion coupled with his large brain really makes for one intriguing character.

Abigail is stubborn and fearless, something even more impressive considering this book is set in the late 1800’s. Each and every character was unique, well written, and essential to the addicting plot line. I am unashamed to say I finished this one in just two days, and could have done it in one sitting if it wasn’t for #adulting. (Such a bummer amiright?)

One of the things I probably enjoyed most about the book is the relationship between Jackaby and Abigail. They are each so different, with brains that think in such different yet complementary ways, they really make the perfect investigating team. And before you ask, no. There is no romantic angle between Jackaby and Abigail which in my mind, just serves as a plus.

Don’t get me wrong, I swoon for a good love story mixed in with my action (um hello Glass and Steele novels?!) But this provides a unique opportunity to really grow and focus on each of our MC’s character development in a way that does’t involve them using each other and their romantic relationship to do so

I am sad to read that there are only 4 Jackaby novels and the writer has no plans to continue the series after the forth….sigh…I can already tell after this one book this series will be a top fav of mine.

Now on to the second!

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