Book Review: In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

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Dear Bookworms, 

That was…..intense……

I picked up this read on the suggestion from a work buddy who also really digs a good thriller/suspense novel. Compared to Gillian Flynn (rightfully so) with her intense writing style and gripping plot, this debut novel by Ruth Ware is nothing short of sensational. 

Leonora (Nora) Shaw is a writer living in London. She enjoys her life of solitude, comfortable with the monotony of her daily routine. Her world is rocked when she receives an email invitation to a hen party (bachelorette party for all of my U.S. friends) of a friend she has not spoken to in 10 years, Claire. Nora thought she had left that past firmly behind her, but finds this invitation stirring up old feelings that she had once thought were safely locked away. Feelings stemming from a traumatic event that she, to this day, has told no one about in full. Against her better judgement, Nora accepts the invitation and heads for a weekend away to confront her past and move on with her future. Insert one shotgun, a grisly murder, four potential suspects, and one case of amnesia, and you have the makings of a mind boggling case of who-dun-it, and the even more chilling question of why!

Love, LOVE, LOOOOOOOVE this book! Everything from the beautifully forlorn setting, the fantastically written characters, to the twists and turns had me unable to put this book down. I would visibly grimace every time I was jerked back to realty, so utterly immersed in this story I became. And if wasn’t for my pesky children needing things like food and help with homework I’m sure I could’ve easily finished it in one sitting. The story is told in the first person, through the eyes of Nora alternatively both before and after a grisly murder in an isolated cabin during the hen party. Nora is desperate to piece together her memories in an effort to figure out what exactly happened that night and what her role may have been. In addition to trying to figure out her role in the murder, the reader is given bits and pieces of information from Noras past, and how that past, plays a vital role in what went terribly wrong at the hen party. Someone is lying, but who? And can the real killer be caught before it’s too late? 

Y’all for real, go snatch up a copy of this one NOW! I know I will be ordering her newest book from Amazon ASAP!

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