Book Review: Helix Episode 4 (Anomaly) & Epiosde 5 (Inversion) by Nathan Farrugia

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Dear Bookworms, 

We’re back again with the next 2 Episodes in Nathan Farrugia’s action packed thriller series! Once again, these books were provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Purity is quickly gaining momentum in Eastern Europe as the new political super power and our favorite genetically enhanced assassin, Olesya has formed a tentative truce with Sophia. Sophia and her crew are reunited with Nasira, Damien, Jay, and Aviary, together going on the hunt for a famed genetic engineer to help them find a way to dismantle the “kill-switch” embedded within the genes of all the ex-Fifth Column operatives. Olesya meets a friend from her past who warns her of a catastrophically deadly terrorist attack to take place in Poland in just under 30 hours. Sophia and Olesyas respective teams form a tenuous alliance as they race the clock to thwart what could possibly be the biggest terror attack in history.  

Once again, Farrugia delivers an action packed continuation of the complex and interconnected world of subterfuge and espionage. With fight scenes to rival any Mission Impossible movie, there really isn’t a dull moment. Finally (like seriously ladies, you’re fighting the same battle here), Olesya and Sophia aren’t trying to shoot each others brains out, and they make a pretty bad ass team once they started to work together. I enjoyed the twists and turns the story took as we were clued more into the terrorist plot, and talk about 9 lives! These characters escape more unlucky and death defying scenarios than is fathomable. Not everyone makes it out unscathed, or alive for that matter (my fingernails sure didn’t). Don’t get too comfortable reading this series, just when you think everyone is in the clear, a wrench is thrown into the mix. Inversion ended on a major cliffhanger (as seems his style), how much more can one bookworm take?!

Pardon me while I take an antacid and have a lie down after that heart pounding marathon read.

Until next week friends!




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