Book Review: Helix: Episode 2 (Exile) & Episode 3 (Interceptor) by Nathan Farrugia

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Dear Bookworms, 

So after reviewing Helix: Episode 1 a couple of weeks ago I just HAD to read the rest of the series. Lucky for me, Nathan Farrugia so graciously sent me the remaining 4 episodes in the series so I dug right in! I’m going to review episodes 2 & 3 in this post and do a separate post for 4 & 5 since these books are on the shorter side. 

The second episode opens up with more background into the elite training camp for Project GATE, specifically around the characters of Damien, Jay, Nasira, and Sophia. Fast forward 6 years and these four may be separated by oceans but all are working to bring down the corrupt organization of The Fifth Column from which they have managed to escape. Oleysa has been clued into a new threat that is perhaps even deadlier than The Fifth Column, while simultaneously scouring the continent for clues and leads to find her kidnapped friend, Val. Sophia is on her own mission to deprogram Fifth Column operatives but runs into a new breed when she comes up against Valeria (uh- oh!) and finds her programming has been firewalled. A cliffhanger of an ending to epiosde 3 leaves us with a brutal face-off between Oleysa and Sophia.  

Once again packed with loads of action and fight scenes, this book has not one dull moment. Told in much the same fashion as episode 1; 2 & 3 bounce between various characters story lines from all over the world, Russia, Las Vegas, Colombia, Poland, you get the idea. While the settings are scattered all throughout the world, Farrugia does a great job of staying authentic to each locale in the scenes. The feel of each place came through well in his writing. I enjoyed the new characters introduced this go around, including Aviary, who I am eager to learn more about. The way in which the characters storylines are all so connected but yet separate at the same time is well engineered and crafted. Farrugia has some great one liners in these episodes, there is always room for a well placed Harry Potter reference in my mind! The standoff between Sophia and Oleysa is intense and makes me wanna shake them both. Like, just hear the other one out for 2 minutes and you could clear up a whole lotta misunderstanding and confusion ladies! 

Alright, gonna get back to episodes 4 & 5 now! Come back next week to dish on the the next two episodes in this thrilling series!




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