GISHWHES 2016: A Recap of a Week of Absomness

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Another week of GISHWHES has come and gone. I am sleep deprived, behind on work for the blog, my house is a mess, and my kids have eaten more frozen dinners than I care to admit (but hey, they ATE, so that’s something right?!) 

Being that this was only my second hunt, I still consider myself a novice Gisher, but yet again I am blown away by the creativity and sheer awesomeness of not only my group, but GISHWHES as a whole. Of course Mia participated with me, and we wrangled Stephanie (read all about this lovely lady here) as well as Mias hubby into our shenanigans. Since we had such an awesome experience in our previous hunt, we joined up with some previous members in both Australia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  

If you’re not familiar with GISHWHES, read about our experience in 2014 here. This year was filled with just as many random, crazy, artistic, altruistic, and creative items. Yet again I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone, flex my creative muscles, and be weird

Trust me when I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve fashioned a panda bear from nothing but sanitary pads, hosted an “all holiday party”, or had red wine poured onto you (while dressed in all white might I add) from a second story window.


In addition to these insane acts of creativity, we also did some real good not only in our local community, but as a global community as well. We delivered cold ice cream on a hot August day to a local firehouse, created a donation page and solicited 10 donors to assist in raising money for Syrian refugees, and completed 7 acts of kindness (one for every day of the hunt). While crazy and nutty, this hunt is always a “faith in humanity restored” kind of week. It not only reminds me that there is good in the world, but reminds me to be it as well. 

 Wold Famous Dessert Fairy! ain't she cute ;)
Wold Famous Dessert Fairy! ain’t she cute 😉

Wanna take a look at some of our submissions? Of course you do, who am I kiddin?!

# 118Time-lapse this submission to 30 seconds or less. Paint a Bob Ross painting. We must see both the painter replicating the Bob Ross painting and the playback of the Bob Ross video the painter is replicating. You must paint in real-time while he is painting. The video should end with a side-by-side comparison of your masterpiece and Bob Ross’s.     


#81 This submission may be 25 seconds or less. Jason Manns is well known for his rendition of “Crazy Love.” Show the Crazy Love you have for your fellow humans by surprising your favorite barista, convenience store clerk, or other underappreciated worker with a serenade. Don’t forget to bring an instrument of your own creation.

This one was awkward, but we serenaded our waitress, Jessica (fake flowers and improvised glass instruments included)

Either way, Misha made us do it. 


#18 Recreate a painting by Goya in candy.


#47 Submit two images, side-by-side. Recreate a famous, iconic photo from junk food. For example, you could submit the black and white photo of Einstein sticking out his tongue, next to another photo of your best attempt to recreate that photo using various junk foods as your paints. I hope that makes sense. For some reason it sounds confusing as I type it. But you have to somehow figure out what I mean here and then do it. Best of luck.  

#102 Don’t you hate that feeling when you walk out to your car and you see the dreaded ticket under your windshield wiper? Let’s change that. Find small envelopes and stamp them in red ink with an ominous: “PARKING SALUTATIONS BUREAU!” Then find a row of cars and put positive messages in your envelopes under their windshield wipers.

#6 Submit two images, side-by-side. If you have or know a child under 6, have them draw a family portrait. Now, get your family to pose EXACTLY as they drew you all in the drawing. Try to replicate the clothing, individual heights and anything you need to do or add to your bodies to contort them to what the child drew.

#116 Submit two images, side-by-side: let’s see what existential angst looks like next to what the meaning of life is. – Stephanie Magnolia

# 86 As you all know, Saturday the 6th of August is International Find Another Gisher Day. Meet up (reach out over social media to find gishers in your area) with AT LEAST 5 other Gishers that aren’t on your team at a bus stop and, together, decorate the bus stop with post-it notes inscribed with a mix of delightful, surreal, and uplifting messages. One must read, “Be the unicorn you want to see in the world.” Submit one image of all 5+ people standing in, on, or around the decorated bus stop. The submission description must include the gishwhes usernames of each Gisher in the photo. Each team can submit the same image if a team member was there representing the team.


#124 Submit a screenshot. Create a website, blogpost, or in-depth social media post explaining an aspect of the elusive Miss Jean Louis’ biography. – Inspired by Holli DeWees

Read the hilarious post here!

**For those who don’t know, Miss Jean Louis is known to the Gishwhes community as “Misha’s babysitter”**


This is just a drop in the bucket of all the crazy, weird, exceptional things we were able to accomplish this week- not to mention all the hard work our other teammates in Australia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas put forth to create equally amazing moments in time. 

Until next year my GISHWHES loving friends! Stay weird and don’t forget to leave a little sparkle wherever life takes you! 

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