Book Review: Ghostly Echos by William Ritter

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Dear Bookworms,

Ahhhh another stellar read in the Jackaby series! I almost don’t even want to read the next (and final) in the series because I don’t want it to be over. (Am I alone in this? Anyone else do that?)

About the book

Picking up on the heels of Beastly Bones, Abigail Rook and her employer Jackaby begin to investigate the death of their resident ghost, Jenny, at her behest.

She is finally ready to discover the truth about her murder. When a dead body is discovered in town which is eerily similar in nature to Jennys own death, these two investigators are sure there must be a connection. Their clues lead them down a dark path riddled with murder, blackmail, and astonishing feats of (unethical?) science. Abigail and Jackaby must work quickly before a truly monumental catastrophe ruins them all.

Let me tell ya

Gosh, I just love these two characters. I could literally read dozens of books about their sleuthing and not ever get bored, so needless to say I’m bummed that the next book (the fourth) will be the last. I will have to really savor it!

My thoughts

This one really brought together a bunch of carefully laid clues from previous books about an overarching villain so to speak. Someone who has been orchestrating supernatural events in orders to keep Jackaby occupied so that other, more serious nefarious plans could be laid.

It nicely intertwined Jenny’s backstory with current day happenings in the city and how they related to Jackaby and his unique abilities as a Seer. I really enjoyed learning more about Jenny and her backstory- it really solidified her as a character for me and made her that much more real (as real as a ghost can be I presume! Ha!)

There was no shortage of danger and heart stopping action, and as always, the flirtatious back and forth between Abigail and Charlie adds a nice little touch of romance to the book.

Until next week my book loving friends!



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