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You all know we LOVE to spend time with the kiddos and we often have family game nights or family movie nights, which are great…but from time to time, we, the adults, need our own “adult-time” with our friends. I typed adult-time in quotations because, when we get together we don’t really act like adults… We are all kids at heart (which makes our night that much more fun).

Here’s a list of games and activities that we recommend. We usually have some drinks and cocktails mixed in, but all these are also totally fine for a sober night.  Just enjoy and play!


Yes, this is REALLY a game for horrible people, but the truth is that it is sooooooooo funny, my belly aches every single time we play this game, because we all laugh so hard. The objective of this game is basically be the first one to collect a certain number of black cards (usually 7). If you do, this probably means that you are the worst of them all… in a dirty-mind kinda way. Players take turns drawing a black card and reading it out loud. Whoever reads it is considered the “judge” for that round. Then, players throw in their white card (facing down) so the judge doesn’t know which card belongs to who. The black cards have a question, fill-in-the-blank, or statement that you must pair with what you think is most appropriate using your white cards. For example, the judge can read “What’s that smell?” and you will answer that with the white cards, which I probably shouldn’t type here (in case a kid reads this…lol). The white cards are outrageous and surprisingly politically incorrect at best. The combination depends on how dirty your mind can get.  P.S. to win this game you must play the player, so if you know the judge well, play to their sense of humor.


Just like the regular charades game, reverse charades is played in groups. The twist is that instead of one person performing in front of the teammates, the group must act out the card and only ONE person guesses. The more you guess correct, the more points you get. Trying to get a group of people to act out the same thing in a few seconds WITHOUT talking is both challenging and hilarious!


Everyone wears a headband on their foreheads, and every person places a card on the slit of their headbands, facing the group. You can read everyone’s cards, but you have no clue what you card says. Each player takes turns asking questions to the group to gather clues and guess your own card. You only have 30 seconds per turn. You must ask only yes or no questions like, “Is it a thing? An animal? A place?” “Can i find it in a house?” etc, you get the point… kinda like playing 20 questions but everyone takes turns, and you must remember where you left off when your turn comes back around. If you guess your card, you keep it and put another one on the headband. The player that gathers the most cards wins.   


This game is truly hilarious. You only need a regular deck of cards (or two depending on how many players) and spoons (forks might be a little too dangerous). Let me explain; if you have five players, you will need four spoons. One less than the number of players. Everyone sits around a table and the spoons are placed in the middle (making sure everyone can reach them). Each player starts with four cards.Then one person starts passing cards to the left from the remaining deck (facing down). The objective is to gather FOUR of a kind (four queens, four 8’s, four 7’s etc). When you get a card from the player beside you, you will try to match it with the cards you already have to see if you can gather four of a kind. You will have to make a split decision and choose one of your cards to pass to the left. This is a very, very fast paced game, and you must have four cards at a time and pass the rest. If you get four of a kind, you have to reach out and grab a spoon. Once someone reaches out for a spoon, all other players must reach and try to grab their own spoons. One person will be left out each round. Get ready to laugh all night.


This is another one of our favorite games! The game contains different cards with a series of 12 categories each. Things like, “a boys name”, “things that are cold”, “a villain in a movie or book” etc.  Then a letter is produced with a unique 20-sided die. Each player must then jot down an answer to the category which contains a word that starts with the letter that was rolled. For example, if you rolled the letter J, all your answers MUST start with J.  “a boys name” you can answer Jacob, “things that are cold” juice, and so on.  You have three minutes to answer the 12 categories. It’s fun to see who’s more resourceful with words in the group. This game is always a lot of fun!

We often make up our own games, or try to find new ones. For example, can’t wait to try the new “Watchamouth” “Speak Out” or “LOLz” which are both played using a mouth piece to distort your words.  We also like to play Cranium, Monopoly, and just plain ‘ol rummy. Mix a little wine in the games and you will have an amazing game night.  P.S.  You can make any of these games drinking games if appropriate.  Just remember, drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.  

What are your favorite party night games? I want to try some new ones!

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