Book Review: Fyre by Katherine Bogle

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read is an author requested review. I was provided a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

Fyre is a companion book of short stories to complement the novel Haven by Katherine Bogle (haven’t caught that review? Read it here!). This novella is broken up into four short stories, one for each of the Fyre siblings, Haven, Lucian, Marcel, and Astrid. The first story tells the story of a young Haven as the victim of a terrible riding accident which should have killed her (did actually kill her?) after which she learns the shocking truth of her immortality. The second focus’ on Lucian, oldest of the Fyre siblings who is sent to guard Helms Keep while the battle rages against Queen Kadia and her troops along the war front, supposedly far from where Lucian has been posted. When the enemy troops unexpectedly breach the front and swarm the Keep, Lucian is put to the test fighting a dangerous foe, one never before seen by the trained fighter. The third story focus’ on Marcel as he too rallies against Kadias army at the Keep. A head injury leaves him with a short term case of amnesia in a town not far from the Keep, can Marcel regain his memories in time to prepare for another assault from the Mad Queen? Lastly, Astrid. For her safety, Astrid is sent to an isolated mountain cabin by her sister, soon to be Queen Haven after the bloody battles have killed her brothers and parents. Living a cold life of seclusion is a hard pill to swallow for the pampered princess. After a jaunt in the woods surrounding her cabin goes terribly awry, Astrid must use her wits and bravery to stay alive, and find her way back to safety. 


 Another stunning cover- y'all know I'm a sucker for a good cover!
Another stunning cover- y’all know I’m a sucker for a good cover!

When Katherine contacted me about this book of short stories I was pumped to jump back into her world, being that I was a big fan of her first novel (thanks Katherine!) These short stories where just what I needed to hold me over until the next novel is released later this year. Being that her first book really mainly dealt with Haven (not that it’s any big surprise being that the title is….Haven), it was really neat to be given a more in depth look at some of the other characters only mentioned in passing or referenced. Seeing these people from Havens life come alive actually make Haven herself even more of a real character in my eyes. We see the relationships she cherished and the bond between herself and her siblings, which really cemented that loss for her even more in retrospect. I have to say, I was really taken with her brother, Marcel from the beginning. I was drawn to his carefree personality and the love he had (has) for Haven was very apparent. I was shocked to learn of his fate (way throw me for a loop!) and am excited to see how that will play out in future books. I was also very intrigued by the mysterious Julian character and am wondering what role she will play in the upcoming book as well. Overall, the writing was well done (I would even venture to say better than the first book, which is saying alot!) There is plenty of action which keeps the book exciting and fun to read while also exploring lots of back story which adds a new layer to the series as a whole. My only complaint is that I wanted more Kadia! I enjoy me a good villain, and she is a goodie! (a goodie at being a badie? A really good badie? You know what I mean). 

Hop on over to Amazon and snag your copy of Fyre here.  The second installment of the Chronicles of Warshard, Savages, will be out in April so stayed tuned for it’s review sometime soon!

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