Book Review: Fellside by M.R. Carey

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Dear Bookworms, 

Jess Moulsen has been sentenced to life in prison in Fellside after being convicted of murder by arson during a heroin induced haze of rage against her boyfriend. Only it wasn’t her sleazy boyfriend who died, 10 year old Alex Beech was killed in the fire, and Jess is overcome with grief. Attempting suicide by starvation, Jess is on the brink of death in the prison infirmary when she is visited by the ethereal image of a young boy. A young boy who desperately needs Jess to find his killer….his real killer. 

Corrupt prison guards, drug rings, threats of violence and even murder leave Jess fighting for her life inside of Fellside while at the same time trying to piece together the actual events of the night of the tragic death of Alex and gather evidence to use in her rapidly approaching court appeal. 

This book was a huge bummer guys. Firstly, it was waaaay too long, like unnecessarily so. Everything that happened was so drawn out and so many scenes pointless to the overall plot, he could easily have trimmed off 100-150 pages and still gotten the point across. 

Secondly the lawyer and his infatuation with Jess, declaring his love for her after the appeal was over…so over the top and unbelievable. It literally made me roll my eyes. Who does that? They barely knew each other. The ending sucked, there was no vindication for the main character. Like what was the point of the entire book?! I seriously could name like 32 ways to still bring down the corruption within the prison without all the hullabaloo at the end. It was all just so fantastical that I really had a hard time buying into any of it.

I think I’m more down with the idea of the out of body experiences Jess has throughout the book than with the way none of the pawns in the drug scheme could think of a way out of their predicaments. The characters were all pretty stereotypical, no real depth  to them whatsoever. Jess was the only believable one of the bunch and like I said, her ending sucked. 

The whole thing was just weird and strange and felt like two different stories from different genres smashed together to make the book more interesting. Maybe Carey should have stuck with one of the plot lines instead? Nothing about the book was shocking and I saw all the plot twists a mile away.

Sorry for a letdown this week but I seriously just saved you precious reading time to tell you don’t bother with this one, it was poo! 







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