BOOK REVIEW: Fairest by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles)

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Dear Bookworms,

Sadly it seems that we have ended our journey with The Lunar Chronicles (insert book hangover here). This last book, which is actually a prequel, titled Fairest, is Levenas backstory.

This book is more of a novella at only 288 pages. It begins with Levena as a young princess growing up in Artemisia, the capital city of Luna. Levena is forever in the shadow of her beautiful (no glamour needed), wickedly cruel older sister Channary.

This novella follows Levena through her twisted spiral into evil witch-dom, culminating in the assassinating egotistical maniac we all love to hate throughout the series.

I am really glad Meyer decided to give the readers a little glimpse into the making of our loathsome villain. As much as I hate to admit it, at times I really felt sorry for the girl. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a bad mamba-jama who you really love to hate, but there are times, glimpses, into this pitiful, insecure, emotionally stunted young women who makes your heart kinda hurt for her. Her intense desire to feel loved, coupled with her horrific physical scars (thanks to Channary- she’s a real gem that one) really drives her to do some pretty heinous things.

Obsessive, unrequited love, irrational jealousy of her stepdaughter Winter, murderous disdain for her niece Princess Selene, are just a few of the very dysfunctional relationships that turn Levena into such a great villain. If you’ve been following along with the Lunar Chronicles series, I highly recommend reading this prequel. I love a good backstory and more insight into how our villains came to be so, ummm, villainous. 

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