Book Review: Drawn Away by Holly Bennett

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read, Drawn Away, was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review from Librarything.

A senior in highschool, Jack and his family are new in town. While sitting in math class, Jack suddenly becomes transported to another time a place. To an antiquated town with a waif of a girl selling matches on the street corner. Although spooked at first by the realistic feeling of the encounter, Jack, a type one diabetic, shrugs off the strange occurrence as a low blood sugar episode and soon doesn’t think much of it. Until it happens again…..and again. Each time the match girl becomes more animated and fearsome. With the help of his new friend (and love interest Lucy) the two race against the clock to figure out who this match girl is, how their lives are connected, and how to stop her dangerous obsession with Jack, before he is drawn away into her world forever. 

I have to say, this was a really unique twist on the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale. While a short read, it was packed with an interesting plot and relatable characters. I found it refreshing and unique to have a main character someone who lives with a chronic illness, even more so to have that illness play a major role in the story line and serve as a point of conflict. Learning the backstory of the match girl and how her life from the past is inexplicably intertwined with the main characters from the present was interesting and fun to follow. The conflict resolution was a tad rushed to me, but overall I enjoyed the read and was happy with the ending. Of note, while the books target age is listed as 12 and up, I would say it isn’t quite appropriate for the middle school crowd given some strong language and sexual situations. 

You can scoop up your copy of Drawn Away on Amazon here.

Check out Holly Bennetts website here to read up on her other YA novels!

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