Dr. Seuss’s Birthday day…. Come up with a costume, quick!

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#ReadAcrossAmerica was celebrated this week. It coincides with the great Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and many schools in the country celebrate this week by having special activities. One of these activities, and my daughter’s favorite, is dress up like a book character day. Her school decided to have kids dress up as a Dr. Seuss character. Any character from one of his amazing books.  

This tradition is great. I love it because I can see the eagerness of the kids to learn more about these characters and to read. That’s the point. Encourage a love for reading.  


The only bad part about this is when, you, as a parent, totally forget about the dress up day (because, let’s face it, our brains not only get wiser with age, but mushier…*insert panic emoji*).  When my daughter reminded me the day before, about dress up day…I entered in super mom mode (after the total panic mode ended).

I came up with a great idea! Gather some black leggings, black shirt, an old cat tail from an old costume, voila! I would only need a red and white top hat to have the perfect Cat in a Hat outfit.

BUT, where can I get a hat on such a short notice??? Won’t have time to have it shipped, plus I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg purchasing one. So I googled it. Have I mentioned I love google?

All you need is this:  A white poster board, a large white paper plate, red paint, scissors, glue, and tape. That’s it. 


1. The first thing to do is to measure your child’s head around. Cut the length and the width of the hat making sure you leave about an inch (side) to glue the sides together. Leave another inch at the bottom to attach it to the plate.  – also, it’s always better for the hat to be big than small… if it’s too small in diameter it’s too hard to fix.

2. Measure the stripes.  Three red.  I did mine about 3 inches each…but they could definitely be smaller.  Paint 3 stripes red, leaving a blank (white) stripe in between.  Let it dry.  You can use acrylic or water color, or tomato juice or basically anything that you can find.  I was kidding about the tomato juice in case you didn’t catch that. *wink*

3. Glue the sides together forming a cylinder.  Use tape to secure around the seam.  

4. At the very bottom… where you left about an inch untouched, cut small slits (1 inch) every inch or two.  fold them out to look like the brim of the hat.

5.  You can also use a paper plate and cut the diameter of your hat in the middle and push the cylinder through, using the paper plate as the brim.  Secure with tape.

There! You have the perfect Cat in the Hat hat!! And a happy child.

P.S.  When my daughter returned from school, with no hat in sight, I asked her about it.  It was shoved inside her bookbag, shamelessly and wrinkled beyond repair.  I asked her why.  After all that work! She didn’t answer.  I’m sure the wow factor died down after a full day of Dr. Seuss fun… next year I will probably buy a real, more durable hat.

Reading and the love for books is very important.  How do you celebrate Read Across America?


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