Book Review: Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica

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Dear Bookworms,

Remember a little while back I reviewed Good Girl by Mary Kubica? (No?! Well get on it people, read the review here! And while you’re at it, read the review for her other novel, Pretty Baby here!) Since she blew me away I just had to pick up her newest read, Don’t You Cry. And dangit if she doesn’t deliver yet again! Mary Kubica is quickly rising the rakes in the bookworms book. 

Quinn and Esther were fast friends. Answering an add in the paper advertising the need for a roommate, these two have been close since day one. That was almost a year ago. After a night out drinking, Quinn wakes up to realize Esther is gone, the window in her room left open to the chilly Chicago air. Not far away, in a small town on the coast of Lake Michigan, 18 year old Alex goes about his day as usual. Make breakfast for his hungover, drunk of a father and head off to work as a busboy at a local diner.

Every day the same as the one before, serving the same crowds of people, and delivering lunch to the town recluse, Ingrid across the street. Today is different, today a young woman shows up in the diner, sitting for hours over lunch, seemingly with nowhere to go. Separated by towns, and miles, Esther and Alex are masterfully woven together in a tale of heartache and loss, violence and danger. 

Another slam dunk for Mary Kubica guys! Don’t You Cry was written in much the same style of The Good Girl, alternating in first person perspective between Quinn and Alex which I really enjoyed and kept the read fresh. Several times throughout the novel I felt as if I had figured it out, only to have Quinn stumble across some new clue or the mystery girl reveal some new information to Alex.

 It wasn’t until the last few chapters that everything clicked into place. Mary cleverly weaves her tale, dropping breadcrumbs for the reader throughout the novel until the grand finale at the end where all is revealed. And man what a revelation it was! In addition to a masterful plot and a unique set of characters, Mary Kubica’s writing style is superb. The attention to detail and scenery really set a beautiful and descriptive backdrop to her story line. Can’t recommend this book enough!

You can grab a copy for yourself from Amazon here.

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