Book Review: Destiny by India R. Adams

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Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

You guys may recall the review I did for Serenity a few months back (read it here)? I know it wasn’t the most glowing review, but the story had good bones so I went ahead with the second in the series, Destiny. 

Serenity and Dereck are married, navigating life at the University of Texas where Dereck is a beloved football star and Serenity is often heckled and scorned for her misunderstood past. After a video of Dereck singing at the Destiny concert goes viral, he is suddenly launched into stardom with a record deal, music video, and summer tour with Destiny. On the road, Serenity and Destiny’s relationship deepens, and new protectors are added to the unusual group of people in Serenity’s life. As they try to understand their unique relationship to each other as well as their unique abilities, a darkness threatens the group. Seeming to grow more powerful and dangerous as the groups relationships and devotions solidify, not everyone will make it out unscathed. 

I am glad that I stuck with this book and listened to my gut that this story had great potential as I really enjoyed the second installment to this series. Perhaps it was the fact that I was going into it with the knowledge that this group was different and that there seemed to be a greater force at work within their lives and relationships? I think the flashback scenes to previous lives were interesting and reinforced the idea that this group of people are meant to be together and have purpose. I would even venture to say I would love to see more and longer flashbacks that drew into the current plot line and struggles the group is currently facing. Speaking of the plot line, it definitely came together more in this second book with a much deeper understanding of how everyone really fits together, why they are they way they are if you will. The addition of all the new characters (there were a lot) seemed to fit together with the core group nicely. The new characters were all well written with fleshed out personalities (Zane was kind of my favorite, seconded by Tank). The sense of familial love palpitates from the pages and without giving away any spoilers, the scene with a main character facing mortal danger was honestly so tense and heartbreaking my eyes were flying across the pages to see what happened. Overall a good read and I am excited to see where Serenity’s story takes us next! 

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