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If you read my post about my recent 10 year wedding anniversary– you know that my husband and I take the idea of date night seriously. We love to try new and exciting things, foods, places. Falling into a date night rut is easy, especially after you  have been together for 10 years, so here are a few date night ideas to try if you are looking for something outside the dinner/movie routine to spice things up!

Lazertag: We have ventured to play lazertag quite a few times and let me tell you, it makes for a really fun group date night! (And if I’m being completely honest, a really good workout!) Playing a couple rounds of guys vs girls or couple vs couple is a great way to blow off some steam and have some fun. Loser buys a round of brews when you’re finished!

Drive in movie: While we haven’t tried this one out yet together- It’s on the short list of date night ideas. Bring a comfy blanket, snacks, and settle in for a couple new release movies. Much cheaper than a traditional movie theater at around $6 a person. Bring some cash for the snack bar! 


Paintball: What better way to work out pent up aggression than to shoot your husband with paintballs? (I kid, I kid….kinda…) Another great group date idea, this one is best reserved for the colder months. Trust me on this- you will want to have several layers of clothes on for this one, those suckers sting! 

Take a cooking class: We tried this out while visiting NoLa earlier in the year. It was definitely a fun and unique experience. We got some great recipes and ate some freshly prepared food! Check out local universities or Sur la Table to find one near you! 

Try out a local ethnic restaurant: Hubby and I thrive on trying out new and exciting food spots. We have sampled some great restaurants in and around our area including Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Colombian. Not only do we get to sample unique cuisines, but they often times take us into areas of the city that we have yet to explore. 

Brewery Tour: Breweries are popping up left and right these days and for good reason, they rock! Go take a tour (or two) and check out some local craft beer. You can often times check out live, local music while you sample new brews, this is a perfect summer month date night idea! 

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Murder Mystery Dinner: This was definitely, by far, the funnest date night! I actually found a Groupon for this one (half priced? Yes please!) and immediately snatched it up. We were treated to a night of murder, intrigue, dining, and drinks. The actors were all great, and really got everyone involved in the plot and figuring out the “who dun it” Professional photographers greeted us at the door to snap a 20’s inspired shot. The almost three hour event flew by and we had a blast!

Catch a Game: Living in a large city like Charlotte, NC offers us lots of options for this one. Charlotte Checkers (ice hockey) , Knights (baseball),  Hornets (basketball), and of course, the Carolina Panthers (Go Cam!) No matter what time of year, there is always some sporting event to go see! Live in a smaller town? Head out to the local highschool/college games! Relax with a beer and some nachos and enjoy the night. (Can you tell snacks/food play a large part in our date night ideas- I’m a foodie at  heart!)

I am always on the hunt for new and exciting date night ideas, what do you guys like to do? Anything I should add to the list?

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