BOOK REVIEW: Cress by Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles #3)

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Dear Bookworms, 

We are back with the third installment of The Lunar Chronicles, Cress. These books just keep getting better and better people. So Cress picks right back up where Scarlet left off, our ragtag crew of outlaws, Cinder, Scarlet, Thorne, and Wolf are aboard the Rampion, trying to avoid capture being that they are all wanted enemy #1 (and 2, and 3, and 4 for that matter). Cinder is trying to harness her new found Lunar abilities and has been training relentlessness in combat techniques (both mental and physical) with Wolf.

Our beloved android Iko’s personality chip has been installed into the Rampions mainframe and she is loyally (and hilariously) serving aboard the ship ensuring all ship systems are functioning correctly and acting as navigation. Prince Kai has reluctantly accepted Levenas marriage proposal to obtain the leutomosis cure and is planning the nuptials for 2 weeks time. Professor Erland is continuing his plague research in Africa, anxiously awaiting word from Cinder.

 We are also more thoroughly introduced to our next heroine, Cress (we met her briefly in Cinder as she warned of a plot to assassinate Prince Kai if he accepted Levenas marriage proposal- after they tied the knot.)

Cress, a shell (a Lunar born without the Lunar gift)and also an insanely talented computer hacker, lives aboard a satellite orbiting the Earth and acts as the eyes and ears for Queen Levena on all the goings on with Earth. So basically, she’s a pretty gnarly spy. But there is a drawback, Cress loves the Earthians. Looking down on them from the sky, pouring over their culture and customs from afar, she dreams of escape (or more accurately- of being saved by a dashing, handsome man come to her rescue- our Cress has a bit of a romantic side). She’s been secretly shielding the Rampion from detection (despite her strict orders to locate it at all costs). 

Cinder reaches out to Cress via the comm chip in which Cress first made contact in book one and arranges a rendezvous; the team will rescue her, and use her hacking skills to expose Levenas nefarious intentions to the world. Sounds simple right? Wrong. The plan goes awry, the team is separated, and the everyone is thrown into a state of confusion. Scarlet is kidnapped by Levenas right hand woman, Sybil and taken to Luna. Thorne and Cress crash land the satellite…somewhere…and Cinder and Wolf barely escape capture aboard the Rampion, Wolf sustaining grave injuries. They also pick up a royal Lunar guard in the mayhem who they are uncertain whether they can trust or not, Jacin. 

With the team disbanded, each group sets off on their own journeys to find their friends, and continue with the plan, stop the wedding between Emperor Kai and Levena, and start a civil war on Luna to hopefully dethrone the maniacal Queen. 

This book is pretty action packed from page one. I particularly enjoyed watching the relationship evolve between Thorne and Cress. Cress’ naivety (can you blame her, shes been locked in satellite almost her whole life) and Thorne’s projected carefree nonchalance is a cute match-up. We also get the impression that perhaps there is more depth to Thorne that he shows, and that Cress seems to be the one adding chinks to that armor.  

As with the other two, this book left me DYING for the next (and last) in the installment (lucky for me I had it on hand). I was desperate for the team to get back together (poor Wolf has a rough time adjusting to Scarlets capture). 

Thoroughly enjoyable read with tons of action, heartbreak, and nail biting moments (seriously don’t even bother with a manicure before you start this book- heck this whole series)

See ya next week for the last (tear!) installment of this series, Winter. 





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