Book Review: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

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Dear Bookworms,

This one has been on my TBR since it’s release last year and I can’t believe I have just now finished it!!


Set in the land of Orisha, Zelie Adebola grew up in life filled with magic.

Marked by their stark white hair, those gifted by magic from the gods could perform truly incredible feats. Power over fire, water, earth, metals, health, even death, their power was greatly feared by the monarchy.

King Saran found a way to kill magic and all the magi with it, including Zelies own mother. Watching her mother being dragged from her home and hung from a tree limb is a memory that haunts her to this day, over a decade later.

When a simple trip to the capital for trade turns into a flight for her life with a runaway princess and a magic scroll, Zelie finds herself at the center of the fight to bring magic back and rise her people up from persecution and tyranny.

My thoughts

The only thing I am mad about with this book is that it’s over and I have to wait until December to read the second.

Adeyemi built an absolutely incredible world that is so robust and filled with life that jumping into it feels like I am stepping into a real time and place in history.

The sounds, feels, smells just ooze from her words, utterly captivating.

This unique story has all the essential elements of a superb fantasy but with such a wonderfully different flare.

What else did I like?

African lore and mythology reign supreme and are the focal point of the plot, and what a rich and mesmerizing history it is. Her characters emotions came across so well in the text I found myself shocked to the core with how viscerally I could feel their pain, fear, worry, and even love.

This is a novel riddled with fierce and brave characters (and some really vile villains) who truly come to life in Adeyemis words.

There is a second book!!

I have already pre-ordered my copy for book 2 on Amazon (even though I am cursing the December release date).

This book is a perfect fantasy that not only serves to entertain, but to inspire.

And inspired I was. Were you? Let me know in the comments down below.

Until next week friends, be good to one another.



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