Book Review: Bryant & May: Strange Tide by Christopher Fowler

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Dear Bookworms,

I won a copy of this book from LibraryThing through their early reviewers program. (Sidenote: totally check out LibraryThing if you have a second, especially if you review books or have a book blog or love books or…. well you get the point. They have monthly raffles for tons of early release books up for grabs!)

Ok back to business.

In London England, The Peculiar Crimes Unit (PCU) has landed a case that just makes no sense. A young women was found drowned to death, chained to a stone post in the river Thames. Bryant and May (well, May moreso than Bryant) have been tasked with sleuthing out the details. How did she get down there, who chained her, why the ceremony of chaining her to begin with?! The more they investigate the more muddled the case becomes. Meanwhile, Bryant has been declining, rapidly, in health. Mental health that is. He’s technically not even supposed to be working the case. What’s deemed a peculiar case of dementia leaves Bryant with episodes of confusion, fugue states, and even hallucinations. Even more peculiar are that these hallucinations are steering Bryant in the direction of possible clues. 

I have never read anything by Christopher Fowler before (had actually never heard of him) and was quite excited when I had won a copy of this novel as the description seemed really intriguing. Unfortunately the whole novel was soooooooo drawn out to the point of boredom for me. This is one of a continuing series. Having never read any of the others it wasn’t hard to keep pace, each novel seems as if it focuses on a separate investigation with the ability to read any as a stand alone. I can say I enjoyed the characters for the most part. Bryant was comical, in an old, ornery-man-who-is-loosing-his-marbles sort of way. May was a good balance to his partners eccentrics. Being a non-Londoner I found the lingo and colloquialisms somewhat confusing at times (thank you Google!) and there was just not enough action for me. I enjoy my murder mystery/detective novels with a tad more adrenaline. This novel was more slow paced and lackadaisical for my liking.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this one. There are tons of other dectective/mystery novels I could recommend that are way better reads.


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